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CRP, temporal arteritis, edema, vascular inflammation

Healthy until 2006 except congenital conditions (59 yo F, 5’4”, 125 lbs):  WPW and optic nerve (pit) anomaly.  Other:  Raynaud’s; migraine, rarely since 2000.  Then in 2007:  dental deterioration; vitreous detach R eye/retinopexy at optic pit; sharp occasional calf pain; tinnitis; chronic UTIs (10-12/year) antibiotics  : (     Numbness, tingling, severe cramps in feet; joint/muscle pain; muscle deterioration; chest pressure/tightness/pain; osteoarthritis.  

Vit D deficiency (16) diagnosed in 2008 (now repleted) and low calcium.

WPW Ablation 08 (poster septal pathway); 2009-10 edema in legs, ankles, feet and now abdomen and face, very sharp pain in calves, but not every day.

2010 Headaches (not like migraine), neck pain, jaw pain intermittent.  Hearing loss past year.  Extensive, invasive dental treatment past 2 yrs and currently; gallium scan kidneys did not show inflammation except both lung hila and joints.  Also ECHO stress test trace mitral/pulmonary regurg / mild tricuspid regurg; Vitreous detachment L eye.  Doc ran labs to check for temporal arteritis.  Neg CRP 0.04  

***Read symptoms and recognized all on the list except fever.  Don't run fevers/ temp is typically 97.3.  Still having headaches, jaw and neck pain 3 months later and feeling ill.

***With arthritis, dental, UTIs (staph epidermitis >100,000) why would CRP be low?  0.04

***My doctor said the extra WPW pathway caused my heart chamber to fill and empty ineffectively and heart function was lower.  Would WPW condition have contributed to current vein/artery problems?  

Recommendation about edema?  Exercise ballet 2xwk (calf pump) and aerobic workout 45 min other days.  Exercise makes me feel better for hours until it wears off.  Hour or so AFTER exercise is when calf pain noticed. Edema better in AM, worse at bedtime. Better with exercise, but can't keep ahead of edema.  

Could any of these symptoms be interrelated?  

Many thanks for helping those of us who are not finding help locally.  
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Thanks for all the very good questions. Regarding temporal arteritis, the symptoms of TA are somewhat general and nonspecific. Having had extensive dental work in the past two years, you have a number of other reasons to have jaw pain. The definitive diagnosis for the disorder is by way of a biopsy of the temporal artery. Consult with your doctor to see if this is indicated. If you have had these symptoms for two years without any other manifestations of TA, clinically it is unlikely

As far as edema my recommendations are to tighly control sodium intake, consult with your doctor about use of diuretics, request static compression support hose prescriptionf from doctor and consider twice daily use of nocturnal compression pump to reduce leg swelling
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