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Echo Results

I'm a 54 yo female, non-smoker, normal weight, exercise 1hr daily w/ no problems. I had a pre-op echocardiogram w/ the following results. I'm wondering what the significance is and whether I should be followed by a cardiologist.

Transthoracic Echo;

AOV 1.4 cm

There is a small medium pericardial effusion. Some R atrial collapse at diastole. Mild L ventricle enlargement. L. ventricle wall thickness normal. Systolic doming of the aortic valve with fusion of R and L coronary cusps consistent w/ bicuspic aortic valve. Mitral annular calcification. Concentric thickening of the L ventricle during systole w/ norma resting L ventriclel EF of 55-60%.

Doppler Echo

Mild mitral, mild tricuspid, mild aortic, and trace pulmonic insufficiency. Velocities across aortic valve elevated reaching 3.3 meters/second correlating w/ peak pressure gradient of 44mgHg, mean pressure gradient of 26 mgHg, and aortic valve area of 1.2 cm-sq. There is E/A reversal on the mitral inflow pattern with elevated E/E' prime tissue velocity ratio of 16 consistent w/ grade 1diastolic dysfunction. Mild pulmonary hypertension w/ RVSP of 36/10.
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Hi Chrlotte
It appears that you are asymptomatic and the only reason for the test was prep requirement. Your test suggests mildly leaking heart valves which have produced a mild elevation in pulmonary pressures. You would probably benefit from an annual cardiac visit to check your  echo. Good luck. Best of health
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