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Echo cardiogram

I just had an echo and this is the results Left ventricle is normal in size, thickness and function. There is a grade II diastolic dysfunction present. Valsalva manever unmasked a pseudonormalized fillin gpattern revealing a realxation abnormality of the left ventricle in the presence of elevated left atrial pressures.  The left atrium is midly dilated.
THe pulmonic clave is noram in sturcture and fuction, there  is a trace pulmonic regurgitation.
Tricupid Vlave normal in size and funcition there is a trae tricuspid regurgitation. right systolic pressure is 20-25 mmHG.
Left ventrilce ejection fraction estimate is 60-65%. No focal wall motino abnormalities.
Everything else said it was normal.
I had this becasue I had an abnormal ekg he said I had low voltage and thought I had fluid, but none there.
I hear my pulse beat in my ears all the time and am more faituged and tired lately. I have modered blood pressrue it was 130.80 that day.  Have had it higher in years past and when they took me off my thyroid of a year it went down.
Iam very concerend and will nto see the dr for 3 weeks as he is gone. From what I read does this mean myt heart is failing?  What else can I do.
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Its probably unlikely that these findings are related to you hearing your pulse in your ears. I suspect that you have been able to do that for some time. That can be related to the carotid arteries and may or may not be a normal variant

The echo suggests strain on your heart which has likely occurred over time

Your echo did not demonstrate any emergent findings. Your physician will discuss these with you in detail. Your part would be to stop smokin if you do and  consume a low fat low cholesterol, low salt diet that regulates your blood pressure and cholesterol to place the minimal amount of strain on your heart structures

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