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Elevated CRP - anti-inflammatory of choice?

My 61 year old Caucasian male patient had 4.3 on C-reactive Protein test for the past 6-8 months.

1. Would aspirin be useful in bringing this inflammation down to safe levels?
2. If aspirin would be effective, what is the lowest (minimum) dose that would be effective?
3. How long could one expect such aspirin therapy to take before it would be effective?
4. The patient has collagenous colitis - would aspirin at any dose be contraindicated? If so, what alternative anti-inflammatory would be a good option (natural remedies or prescription)?

Other information about patient:
This patient also suffers from mild to moderate hypertension and is presently on terazosin 6 mg daily.
Pt has been approximately 6-10 pounds overweight (mostly in abdominal region).
He does mild to moderate exercise 30-60 minutes a day, 7 days a week.

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Thanks for the question. As you know CRP is a general indicator of systemic inflammation. It can be a function of many things ie dental caries, injured muscles. Obesity, specifically central obesity can produce inflammatory products and as such weight loss can reduce them is this is the cause. Other lesser known factors include elevated insulin levels and Hgb A1C which are not commonly checked especially in healthy patients, elevated cholesterol and Homocysteine. High dose fish oil 2-4 gms day of physician grade , glutathione, Coenzyme Q10 and a low glycemic diet. Recent cardiology studies suggest persistently elevated CRP and normal cholesterol in high risk patient should be treated with aggressive statin therapy. The supplements must be high grade products or your just throwing away money. See www.optimalhealthtoday.com Douglas Labs. My partner and I, Seema Patel MD, MPH wrote a book Your Guide to Optimal Health: Creating Your Personal Wellness Wheel at amazon.com and personalwellnesswheel.com which elaborates on this management paradigm.
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