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Fear of Sudden Death

Several months ago I had a lot of PVCs (like one every other beat) as well as a fast heart rate. I went to the ER and was admitted to the hospital. After several tests I was released with the diagnosis of tachycardia and PVCs. No reason for my fast heart rate was found. I am now on Atenolol.

I've started suffering a lot of anxiety over this. I'm terrified of just dropping dead, from an arrhythmia, like long QT, etc. I'm terrified the doctors missed something. Would these tests have shown if something was wrong? Like a long QT, a different arrhythmia, or something structural. I had:

several EKGs while in the hospital
I was hospitalized for 3 days and hooked up to a heart rate monitor the entire time
CT scan of my chest

After I was released the cardiologist had me do an exercise stress test, where I had several PVCs during and after. But that was all and she said not to worry about it.
I also wore a holter monitor for 24 hours and the cardiologist saw nothing that concerned her.

Should I stop worrying over this? would something have been found with those tests?
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so sorry your going throught this, sounds like me, i was so scared my heart would stop beating any min and everytime it did a flip/flutter i would freeze and not move. it took over my life for a while and yes i to got the health anxiety . i was scared to go outside my home unless my hubby was with me.  i went on anxiety meds the whole bit than i got tired of it.  i had ekg/stress test/ echo all of them wore heart montor so many times and nothing just pacs few pvc.   so i started to move on with my life. than i notice they were futter between times. that was when i was 23 trying to raise two boys on my own because my hubby passaway at 33 of a heart problem which made me worse. i meet a awesome guy and he stood beside me at the times i had them and was so scared it really helped to have someone who i could talk to / hold me when i was scared and just resure me i was ok and he was there.  i have had them for 10 weeks straight everyother heart beat, that was no fun but they went away after 10 weeks and i have not had them in 3 years like that , one here and there .  hang in there with all thjoses test am sure your ok, they make you think your going die any min but am 51 today and still kicking. dont let them take over your life. live it and enjoy it. just remember you had all test ran and your dr says your ok. here if you want to talk.
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