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Incomplete right bundle branch block

Dear Doctor,

I have been diagnost with an incomplete right bundle branch block. I am 45 and 108 punds.  All physical, stress test and blood work is fine.  The doctor tells me not to worry. However after some research I have found that it is nothing to worry about unless their is a family history of sudden cardiac death.  My mother is from a family of 13 and many of her siblings have died if heart attacks but all over fifty.  Is this considered a family history of sudden cardiac death?  I did have a profusion scan four years ago that was negative.  Thanks for your assistance
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You didnt mention you height but it seems like you are ideal weight. The fact that all of your labs and test are normal is obviously quite favorable. Sudden cardiac death is somewhat of a confusing term. In general it describes immediate death that results from a heart attack usually because of coronary artery blockages. When people have severe blockages and experience a heart attack, their heart begins to beat irregularly. If this process is not stopped by cpr or a defibrillator, sudden death can occur. The fact that you have family members who died of heart attacks and sudden death above the age of ffity may or may not place you at high risk depending upon what their risk factors were and how it was related to their lifestyle. If they were all obese, didnt exercise, smoked and ate lots of fried foods and you have done exactly the opposite, I would say that you dont have much to work with
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