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Increased Number of PVCs lately with Lightheadedness (1 time)

38, in shape, non smoker, no drugs, no meds, few drinks (Sat night only).  I take Multi Vs, 250mg Mg, Omega 3, & K rich foods.  No caffeine.  Worrier at times.Family history of high BP. Mine's generally 130/80 - 117/72.  I eat a relatively low NaCl diet.  At 19 had 1st episode of PVCs. Infrequently til 12/09.  Since then they come & go.  I can go 2-4 months w/close to none (I can feel every single one by the way--confirmed on EKG test).  During bad times they tend to be most frequent when I play tennis but NOT when I lift weights or even do the stationary bike for 45-50 min.  But tennis can get them going & I'm talking about several a minute.  Eventually after I leave the court they slowly subside but I will feel them at home too, particularly when I get nervous or worked up.  This current bad PVC period seems to have produced a greater frequency than before.  After my dinner, when I was sitting down to watch TV I felt instantly lightheaded.  I quickly lay down & elevated my legs to prevent syncope.  I have been scared & spacey ever since.  Initially when I got up after laying down, 3-4 minutes later, I felt VERY lightheaded.  Don't know if it's not the stress that caused that, & I was stressing BIG TIME, but only after I felt the spaceyness. I was trying some deep breaths. Maybe that triggered it?  Work up 2 years ago: EKG--normal.  Stress Test--Good.  Echo--fine w/minor mitral valve regurg..so minor they can't even hear it most times I'm in for checkups.  EF- 52% in 2007 & 70% in 2010.  Is it possible that my valve is F'd up & the heart isn't pumping blood properly,causing increase in PVCs & lightheadedness (the spaceyness was just today,never before).  I'm afraid to exercise tonight due to sudden death.  Thoughts?  Can this actually be normal, i.e. periods of virtually no PVCs followed by periods of vast # of PVCs (notably during activities)?  I'm a high testosterone, aggressive type.  Was wondering if the test. levels change periodically, causing PVCs.  
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You have done and excellent job of characterizing and documenting the exacerbating factors for your symptoms. I would suggest that you consider undergoing evaluation by a cardiologist or specifically an electrophysiologist to assess if you have some stress induced functional or rhythm abnormality. A stress echo may be one of the initial tests to assess your heart under these circumstances.

The spaceyness may be just a one time event however it should be carefully followed

Best of health and let me know what your evaluation reveals

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