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Not sure if I got skipped??

Hi Dr. I posted and paid for a questionaire, but not sure if I got skipped because I titled it Thank you and maybe you thought it was just a thank you note, So I am doing another post just incase--

Did not hear back from you so went ahead and had BNP drawn this morning--I did take lasix the other day and right now not having edema, so I don't know how my results will read??  I took a lasix for the first time and peed out like 3-3 1/2 pounds, amazing---so the results::  will not really be a baseline right??  Or since I do not currently have edema, it won't be a triage/acute/ problem right??  Well you tell me how should I expect my results to read, thanks

Please look back to the post that says thank you---because I have some other questions, like about seeing a cardiologist, should or should I not, should I dig a little deeper into these issues or just leave it that my thyroid is causisng all the problems,--liver, edema, constipation, etc??  thanks so much again, Desi
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