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36yo female, not overweight,healthy,good colestherol etc... While watching telly and having A drink, and a smoke I have experienced out of nowhere palpitations. I have never had them before.
Had EKG, Stress test,ultra sound and CT angiogram all came back clear,except I have a leaking heart valve but apparently thats no concern. Holter monitor showed sinus tachycardia, while sleeping. Now every time I have a drink I experience palpitations 6 hours after my first drink. I have given up smoking and didnt change anything,now I only smoke occasionally. Why do I get them out of nowhere and how can I get rid of it. Sometimes I get it when I dont drink but thats rare. Im not a big drinker by any means I do love a glass of bubbly now and than but I cant even drink that anymore as I hate the feeling of heart racing, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!???? MANY THANKS
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After the holter monitor findings you are best advised to consult a rhythm abnormality specialist. There may be some underlying reason that you are experiencing these new symptoms. Its also obviously a wake up call that there is nothing good that comes of smoking. Lastly, you should minimize your caffeine intake and see if that helps.

Best of luck
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