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Sore left Arm


For the past two months I have been having a dull ache in my left arm that comes and goes, sometimes it's just in the forearm, sometimes it's in the left side of the neck, once in a while i have a dull ache in the sterum area. I run three miles three times a week with no arm pain, just a dull ache in the sterum once in a while. I had a stress (thalium) test done last July which was normal. The arm ache and tingling seem to get worse when under a lot of mental stress and not physical stress. Sometimes it's even in my right arm.

Could stress cuase this?  
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The symptoms are quite non specific and might represent a musculo skeletal problem. Are they reproducible. The fact that you are relatively healthy reduces but does not eliminate the chance that they are cardiac in origin. Was the stress test done becaue of the symptoms. It is possible that they may represent the consequences of stress however you should discuss with your physician to evaluate the liklihood that they are musckuloskeletal.
Good luck
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i also have numbness inmy fingers on my left arm, its been going on a while andmy arm ackes to  now and than, but i have rods running down my spine hoping thats where its comeing from. have had heart test ran many years for pac . so praying its not my heart

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