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Stress Test Results

I just completed a tread mill stress test and a nuclear stress test.  Briefly, the results are:
1) attained 100% target heart rate, no chest pains, no arrhythmia
2) LVEF is 56%
3) Moderate size infereior ischemia
4.) ECG is positive for ischemia at good workload (reached heart rate of 143).
I've formed a preliminary impression from my research on the Internet, but I would appreciate professional feedback. I am scheduled for a heart catheterization.
Thank you.
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if you have a tress/nuclear test but dont walk the treadmill, get a shot instead will it still show everything they need to know aboout your heart. will it be the same as walking . if there was a heart rythem problem would this show up to with the shot.
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From your brief report, it appears that there is an area of your inferior heart region that has a decrease in blood flow with provocation. This suggests a blockage in the vessel that feeds that area. Heart catheterization will determine the severity of that blockage, characterize the blockage and determine if it should be treated with a balloon, stent or medication

I would use this as a motivator to take stock of your lifestyle and risk factors. See if there is anything that you can change to diminish the rate of progression of this process. ie smoking cessation, exercise, dietary changes. There is even evidence that with lo fat diets, plaque regression can occur

Finally, hopefully your getting your catheterization at your regional center of expertise and you have had a thorough discussion with your proceduralist about your expectations for treatment

Good luck
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