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Sudden Giddiness,Fainting

Dear Doc ,
I have been operated for Gall Bladder ,and Gastric Volvulus in last 2 years .During this phase and until Feb 2009 i have taken Amitryptiline tablets also .I also have a very sensitive gut and have IBS .To my surprise and recently i find all of a sudden and specially 2-3 hrs after food my hands become cold , white ,feel giddy , feel my heart rate is irregular ,weakness in legs .No chest pain .
Towards evening things begin to stabilise .I get reasonably good sleep for 5-6 hrs .Usually don't get up for motions /urination .what could be the possible causes .My GP told me could be vaso vagal reflux
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That's a very odd complex of symptoms. Has anything else changed during this time period in which these symptoms occurred. ie diet, meds. It is possible that you may be having a profound drop in your blood sugar two to three hours after eating. The term "dumping syndrome" refers to these types of symptoms when they occur after gastric resection.

I suggest returning to your surgeon and GI doctor so that they can evaluate you for this dumping syndrome. It usually can be managed by eliminating simple sugars from the diet and increasing the proportion of complex starche/plant based sources of protein.

Also keep a journal of your eating habits. Good luck and Best of Health

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