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What is going on with me

49 year old female, lightly active, 5"5" 119 lbs.  Lost my mother Oct 7, 2010 to cancer.  Lot of the burden of the funeral arrangements went to me.   About a week or so after her death, I felt a pain under my left breast bone and tingling or burning down the back of my arms. Got a Nuclear Stress Test done, along with EKG, ECHO, Holtor Monitor, and Heart Cath.  Stress Test showed mild ischemia, EKG was normal, Echo showed normal ejection fraction of 65%.  Showed no diseased valves or stenosis.  Everything was normal size and thickness.  Holtor showed 1 premature ventricular complexes, and 9 premature atrial complexes, no atrial fibrillation, no significant pause, no significant ST segment shift.  Heart cath showed severe myocardial bridge involving mid LAD.  No heart disease or obstruction found on angiogram.  He said that my heart was beating so fast that the vein was pinching itself closed not allowing much blood to pump into the heart.  He put me on 25 mg Metoprolol which on follow up said I could cut in half.  He also told me I was slightly dehydrated, and to increase my salt to help with fluid retention.  I did, and now I think I have some puffiness to my arms, but not sure about my feet.
I do have a history of anxiety and depression, but the way I feel right now, does not feel like anxiety.

Bp since on the med has been anywhere from 103/73 hr 111 after waking for an hour, to 125/88 hr 84 with some lower readings in between.  I decided to get my mind off of it for a while and went shopping with my daughter for about 2 hours.  Got home and took the BP again. and it was 102/74 and heart rate 111.

Should I go back to my original 25 mg dose of Metoprolol, or seek second opinion.  I can't let this go even though the doctor said everything looked good.  I just don't feel like myself

Can you give me some insight as to what to do to start feeling better?

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