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Will EECP be Effective for CAD?

I have 90% Right Coronary Artery Blockage, 50% Left Heart Artery Blockage. Left groin pain with 100% PAD/PVD and with healthy Collateral Arteries. Latest Cardiologist advised me that Grafting surgery is very problematic and overly expensive . EECP was required with Life style changes. Please advise what's best as B(negative) blood group being very rare along with diabetes could be very hazardous and I was also told me  that EECP would reverse PAD blocks as well/or form collateral arteries. Help sought. [Scans in Profile Photos]
Except for the first no cardiologist has suggested surgery/Stents or bypass surgery.
Note: Been smoking 2 packs and more since 1970 and am running my 60th year. Blood Group[B Negative]. No Angina pain/No heart Attack/No Heart Failure as yet.

ECHO E.F: 60%
Note: Have undergone 5 EECP sessions with remarkable results removing totally terrible dizziness as well back pain with degenerating spine in the middle.
In view of Peripheral Vascular disease [With healthy collaterals ]in left groin would EECP be effective for Coronary Artery Disease? Stents/Bypass ruled out by me[Now] and all cardiologists except the very first one.

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I have currently moved my practice to the Cleveland Clinic
We have found EECP to be a reasonable option for individuals whose anatomy precludes coronary bypass grafting as an option. However, EECP does not achieve identical results compared to bypass grafting. I would encourage you to seek second opinion to determine if you are a candidate for bypass or coronary intervention. Cost aside, effective therapy may be life saving.
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A very sedentary lifestyle.
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