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enlarged heart

I have just been diagnosed with a "slightly!" enlarged heart. I am 65 and have had severe asthma since I ws 2.
Although it is under control and I lead a fairly normal active life. It was very bad when I was younger 2 until 50.
I am scheduled for stress tests next week. this was found as I was experiencing pressure on my left chest. It was found by a CT scan.
What is the prognosis for this kind of thing? I still work part time, because I enjoy it, it is not manditory just fun. Should I stop? I am often the driver for my Grandchildren, I am very worried that something might happen when the are with me.
What is the treatment for this. I am 5'4" and 170 lbs. I know weight is not good so have joined weight watchers and will lose weight my goal is 30lbs.
Thanks for your thoughts
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Its wonderful that your asthma has abated. It would be difficult to prognosticate on a description of a "slightly" enlarged heart. As you may know, CT scan is not the best way to evaluate heart size and provides no  information on function either. You will probably undergo a cardiac echo at some point in addition to your stress test. These functional tests will provide insight into what the prognosis is for your condition. It may well be that the accurate and more appropriate test will reveal that your heart is in the top normal range in size, functions normally and should not limit you in life. In the interim, ask your consulting cardiologist to tell you if you should reduce your activities until further notice. An EKG may have provided him some insight on the chronic nature of this problem. Best of Luck and I agree with the plan to reduce your weight to a more ideal level
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