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lightheaded hot flash chest pain lower spine stiffness

I have been ill for about three weeks. Everything began when I had night sweats and fatigue one evening. I have had different episodes of night sweats in the past but I am not sure if I had a fever for the most recent one. I have since had very sore, weak muscles despite no exercise: both in the legs and arms. They were sore in the beginning and they gradually became fatigued easily. Climbing a few flight of stairs would cause my legs to be sore. My strength remains and I have not tripped nor dropped anything. I have had a bag cough after the soreness. red throat. doc prescribed anti-biotics but my legs and arms still felt fatigued and damaged. these onset of dizziness and fatigue would be worse after a hot flash in the face. I get a slight chill, then my face becomes red, then dizziness settles in. no fever. I could be playing video games or watching movies when these things happen.

throughout the next week or so I had a sore/stiff lower spine. I would occasionally get needle sensation in my middle toes on both of my feet. they went away but my back was especially sore when my toes were tingling.

my cough goes away but I am stuck with a constant chest pressure. It feels like I cannot get a full breath in. I am not having coughs right now but last night I had a severe chest pain in my lower chest. It felt like I was about to pass out. My breathing became very shallow, I got extremely nauseous, and it felt as if my heart was about to stop working. that continued for 15 minutes and gradually became better. right now I still have cramping sensations in my chest. I went to the doctor prior to my chest pain and she did not have a clue what I could be having. my vital signs were normal. blood pressure etc. only thing she noticed was a red throat. we did a complete blood count. my test came back normal.

I know the tingling and the spine problem is an autoimmune disorder. what really concerned me the most was chest pain and lightheadedness.
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Im not certain what your direct question is. Ill assume you want to know what is causing your problem and I can just say that it sounds like a systemic process with flu like symptoms. Your symptoms are quite ambiguous and could be due to a number of different things. At this time of the year flu like symptoms and neck pain always raise a question of meningitis. Seek immediate care to definitively identify and treat this process in your local hospital. These long standing symptoms are not normal. There are many additional tests and blood work to help with diagnosing your types of symptoms.

Best of luck
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I have gone to a internal medicine doctor. he ordered several more tests to see if I had lupus, mono, or any irregularities in the blood. also did a chest xray. all of the tests came back completely normal. he thinks its a viral syndrome. I did get bitten with numerous mosquitoes while i was in japan, roughly two weeks before symptoms started.

weak limbs have greatly improved. my chest pain is also gone. sore back is also improving.

what im starting to have these days, mild headaches, what feels like a partial seizure during sleep, upper chest dull pain when i breathe out, constant clearing of throat, bad far sight vision, very very forgetful, terrible memory.

All of these symptoms are annoying and this week its been tough for me to get a good night rest as I am woken up by sudden gushing uncontrollable thoughts going through my head during sleep. Its been over month and half.

ive read that viral syndromes stay for months to years...is there anything I can do? what is wrong with me?
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