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pain/numbness, what type of doc should I see?

I'm 53 yrs old, male, 6' 2", 205 lbs.  I go to crossfit (intense exercise) 5x a week for past 8 months.  After Sat workout I had a strange pain in my left arm pit.  Strange because hurt bad when sitting, only slight ache while standing and no problem while lying down.  I assumed muscle strain.  I did find some sore ribs on that side.  

Pain is less now but doesn't seem to be going away like regular muscle strain injury.  Worst when sitting, leaning forward.  Seems to well up in my arm pit and extend into my chest and down my arm, almost to elbow.  And today I notice slight numbness in armpit.  Ribs feel okay now.

At first I thought muscle strain.  Now I wonder if it's circulation.  Or nerve damage?  Any suggestions on what type of doctor to see?

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Im not certain what type of high intensity exercise you're describing but there is a syndrome called paget schroetter which causes presure on the nerves arteries and veins of the upper extremity becaue of impingement between the ribs and muscles of the shoulder. This may manifest as arm swelling, numbness, tingling and even chest pain. I would ask your primary care to see a neurologist or vascular surgeon. This should get you a diagnosis. If your underarm is feeling congested, I would recommend getting yourself evaluated as soon as possible because this can be quite serious. Best of luck
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