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sleep study and skipped heart beat

Dear Doctor
I am a 45 year old women 108 pounds,  5'4".  I have had a full physical with excellent cholesterol and normal stress test.  I do have an incomplete right bundle branch block.  However, I do have an highly elevated lipoprotein (a) level. I went to a cardiologist and he is not worried with either of these finding.   Recently I had a sleep study for sleep apnea that came back normal however they noticed some skipped heart beats while I was sleeping.  Could this be  from the IRBBB or is this in additional to the IRBBB.  Please help me figure this out.  They are sending me for a consultation with the sleep study doctors.
Any information you could provide would be very helpful.
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I would suggest a cholesterol fractionation using a product like the berkley heart panel to fractionate your cholesterol for better risk stratification. What are your sleep apnea symptoms that prompted workup. you may have missed beats at other times but it was only because of monitoring for apnea that nocturnal missed beats were seen. You probably need a holter test and stress echo. What is your exercise status and family history? These findings will help to determine if the missed beats are related or unrelated. Thanks
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