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very high calcium CT score

i am a 60 year old male pediatrician..... i had posterior cerebellar strokes (from which i have completely recovered ) 14 years ago felt to be secondary to PFO/ASA and anticardiolipin ab's..i have been on warfarin without incident since..recently i had a calcium CT after becoming suddenly hypertensive..my score was 1800..i have had no previous HBP, high cholesterol, family history of early heart disease and am not overwt and swim 1 1/2 miles 5 days a week plus lots of walking and have not had anginal symptoms that i have recognized..i am not a  diabetic ..there is some info from europe about warfarin and vascular calcification, which my cardiologist and i feel might have been a factor in my case....i am now on amlodopine, ASA, warfarin and high dose lipitor after a cath that showed only one mild plaque, no narrowing, but lots of calcium...any other ideas ie diet - Vit k2 foods that might help ? any thoughts about prognosis ? i would like to stop the warfarin and use ASA alone - what do you think of the chances of stroke recurrence vs risks of MI vs increased risk of bleeds if i use one of the new anticoagulants plus ASA ?...(i have not had elevated anticardiolipin ab's in 10 years)..thanks...dr L
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Good Afternoon
It really does sound like youre doing everything that can be asked with favorable results. Im not clear what the sudden hypertension, that prompted the CT, was attributed. It would not seem unreasonable to consider ant platelet therapy in lieu of warfarin if your antibodies are negative however clearly this is a risk benefit analysis between you and your doctor who know you best. Regarding the etiology of the high calcium burden I have attached a link to a recent new york times article. Not to suggest that you have this recently diagnosed disease process but to re inforce that Im sure there are variants of this process that lead to heterotopic  calcium deposits. As with other discoveries, Im certain there is more to come. Ive not seen much improvement with thiosulfate or chelation therapy to.http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/03/health/research/03disease.html
Good luck and Best of Health Doctor
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