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Great new site

I look after my grandparents and have began using a site called www.curahq.com to organize my family and friends who want to help out. Has anyone else had experience of this site?
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The site has some facets of interest, however the main problem is simple companionship. Sitting next to an older person. Holding their hand. Listening to their stories. Not arranging a duty roster. There may be a niche for a computer database of "assigned tasks", but psychologically, this is not the way do do things. Certain tasks (such as mowing the lawn) should be paid for, especially if the elder person has means.  If this is not the case, it requires human effort to arrange for someone to help. Person-to-person contact.  It's pretty simple to take a pencil and paper or notebook and do everything this site does. Without leaving a permanant on-line record of material which may well end up in a court proceeding, such as a Guardianship. And the file on this net site will be available to a Court officer with a subpoena duces tecum. I am currently involved with a senior who has been before a judge to determine Guardianship and even a person's e-mails will be available to the court. So the issue of privacy "guaranteed" by this site is illusary. There is nothing offered on this site that cannot be accompsished more easily and more effectively by a cell phone and notebook.
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Thanks for your reply, the beauty of the site is that I don't have to ask people to help out. People help when they feel they can and I'm not sure how a pencil and paper could achieve this. The site promotes transparency too which must be a good thing?
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The search engine "yahoo" as well as "google" (both reputable companies)have groups/clubs that one can set up with calenders (for scheduling activities) accessible with cell phones if one needs to "organize" a group of people for a specific purpose such as assisting with home care. You are able to provide a password to be given to members of the group/club only and can delete messages and dissolve the club at any time.
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