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Planting Season - Spring - Senior Activity

A nursing home I visit started a spring "planting program" which went over very well. The residents were provided with small plastic flower pots, and set around a table where a gardener had a big pot with soil and free bulbs, plastic spoons, and some other stuff that goes along with planting sucessfully. Most of the seniors were in wheelchairs. The girl supervising provided information on plants, soil, gardening and the plant they were going to grow. Every resident got to plant a small bulb in his or her little pot and take it back to their room. The week before they were issued flower seeds, and a little rectangular plastic container. It is the responsibility of each nursing home resident to water her plant. I thought it a very nice activity.
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Beautiful thought. I look forward to the warmer weather when I can go out on my patio and plant new foliage. Watching how plants survive in the harshest conditions and then spring back to life is an amazing creation of life. Gives me reason to look forward to doing something that can survive better than I can???  Ha Ha!
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