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my wife has been just been operatred for right breast cancer ,we fished 6 sessions of chemo then we did the surgery .she is a juvinile diabitic also .
when we started the chemo we were told by the doctors about the physical symptoms which were hair loss.....ect ect.
her surgery was fine and her biopsy showed grade 5 ,whatever that means but the doctors said that all traces are destroyed and we are very lucky to have such a good result,and we started on radition to complete the final step,3 days into it she started to get breatless while sleeping ,and was very disturbed ,the full night the next morning we went to  battery of test x ray ecg elecctolites  serum ,protiens ect,,,,all were normal but still no repise ,at last the doctor said do a echo and that showed that the lvef had come down to 35%which was 61 before the chemo and also in the 4 session ,
what i like to know and understand should the patient not be informed about the side effects as the doctor put it now on chemo agets used  during the chemotheraphy
we have 2 small children .and our lives are devastated .she has been put on cardace 2,5mg,digoxin  and amiflu 40.
what are our chances of having her back ,normally ,is this sufficent for her recovery ,what should we do ?
how can i help her to regain ,she is gone into depression on hearing this and is been treated by doctors for this,
can the heart heal itself?
i am lost and need some real help and guidance .
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Cancer treatments can sometimes lead to some cardiomyopathy but I believe after the treatments are over, the heart will recover. There are some wonderful meds to help improve the ejection fraction and help her to feel better.

Another suggestion is to post your thoughts on the "heart disease" forum and ask about chemo triggered heart disease.
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I noticed in the forum that they have a cancer forum right next to caregiver, did you mean to post this in the caregiver or cancer forum? you will probably get more answere in cancer forum few people go to this colum for some reason    luck  jo
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I wish that i could give you some advice on the meds, but i do not know enough about that I do know about cancer, my husband had it his was cancer of bladder, it is now in remssion, but then he had a stroke, and is a shut in we are older people, All i can give you is Hope, Give your wife all the love you can, yes the Dr should inform you on all medications. there is no one hundred percent cure for cancer, my daughter has cancer of the throat, and took radiation, she has to drink liquids, but she is alive, she lives to far away to visit often, but we stay in touch and call, and i pray every night for her to survive, I am so sorry for the little ones, and i feel for both you and your wife, Try to Pray, and find some peace, i wish i could set your mind at rest, but please do not think you are alone, try to find the outreach for cancer patients and family, they may be able to help you through these trying times  God bless all of you  jo
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