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Are these symptoms related to Carpal Tunnel?

Every morning 3 of my right hand fingers are numb (Thumb finger is ok),but once I start moving them, It back to normal. During the day I feel a Little pain at my right arm elbow. I'm 45 years male. The left hand is ok. I do not have the fingers swollen neither red color or burning.

Since 2 years ago I start having back neck pain if I put my head against uncomfortable position, I start using a memory pillow to sleep, it start suddenly, but fingers symptoms started 3 weeks ago.

If these symptoms are not related to Carpal Tunnel, can some one let me know what other disease can be?

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Hi I have this exact same problem. Undiagnosed . I'd like to find out what it is x
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What do you do? There is something called 'tennis-elbow' that is related to inflammation of the nerve. The 2 ways I have treated it is to put the arm in a sling so that you stop using the elbow until it subsides or get cortisone shots. Is there something in your daily routine that would agitate the elbow nerve?
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