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Carpal tunnel/ whole arm &shoulder

I had been having pain in my right hand and wrist mostly in my palm under my thumb and in my thumb and first finger.For about a week. It would hurt most at night. I've had a little numbness and tingling but its mostly been aching and pain. I went to the doctor after the first week and she said it sounded like beginning carpal tunnel symptoms but she couldn't say that's what it was just yet. If it doesn't get better after the treatment then I'll get tested for carpal tunnel. I was given a pain shot and a steroid shot and sent home with a wrist wrap and a prescription for diclofenac. That was four days ago and so far the pain has become a little less but I'm having more stiffness now. And my whole arm has been getting achy , stiff feeling and having some pain up to my shoulder. Its mostly at night. I had a few questions.
1. Is it common for the effects to be in the whole arm and shoulder?
2. How often should I be wearing the wrist wrap? Should I be trying to use my right hand?
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I'm new here and was searching to see what anybody knew about Vit B12 for carpal tunnel. I had CT when I was pregnant and bought a cpr brace and then things were fine. But after Linda was born the numbness came back. Doctor told me I was Vit B12 defieient (and I trust her becasue she is an internist also) so I assume that's my problem now. The cpr worked great (and its not expensive) but if you dont have the proper levels of vitamins to start with then nothing you do will help. So a good place to start is to get good supplements in your diet. Cheers! IC
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