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Carpel Tunnel and wierd tendon problem or maybe no problem

I had mini carpal tunnel relase surgery perform on both of my hands about 8 weeks ago. I have two issues on my doctor explain one (pillar pain) and the second one I can't get straight answer.

1st issue.
Pillar pain. According to my doctor this may be lasting from few weeks to up to a year at times and it always goes away with time. I guess my will last little longer then few weeks since I'm 8 weeks post surgery.

2nd issue.
This is the one that I'm worry and not getting straight answer. All my fingers bend and functions fine, all have good sensation in them. Tingling and falling a sleep is totally gone, no more waking up in the middle of the night. Both of my hands if I grab my phone or tv remote for example. And have one corner resting in my hand palm all fingers grip tightely around the phone and tilt my wrist bottom left (right hand), bottom right (left hand). I can feel my tendon popping / snapping in area of my mini carpal tunnel incision. Now if I would release my pinky finger slightly or straighten it popping / snapping stops. So I know it is tendon that works my pinky. Both hand do it.

My doctor told me today to wear my splints for next 6 weeks day/night. I'm 8 weeks post surgery just want to know if wearing will help healing and have any effect or correction to my popping snapping. I tough that once they took restrictions off after 6weeks heeling was done?

Is there something my doctor is not telling me. Is this something that is know post surgery.I find it hard to believe that the doctor could make a mistake since both hand do it, but who knows. Is this going to cause any problems later? So may questions and can't find answers anywhere. I found this forum and decide to ask with hope of some answers.
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