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Could this be CTS or somthing else?

First and foremost, thanks for reading my post.

First some information about myself: I am a male, almost 18 years old. I am average height and weight (for a Dutch person), I live in the Netherlands. I have been diagnosed with hyper mobility, but am not sure that is relevant in this case, other than that it might've made me more vulnerable to medical problems.
Both my wrists have been hurting for almost half a year now. I've been to the general practitioner twice and I've also been visiting a physiotherapist for two months now. Neither are sure of what's going on with my wrists. I will be visiting a wrist expert clinic in the future, but because their schedule is so full, this will take several more weeks.

6 Months ago I was a very active gamer, I played games hours and hours a day. Mainly cs:go, a shooter on which I had a very low mouse sensitivity (meaning I had to move my arm/wrist a lot and fast). When the pain in my wrists first started I did nothing, for 3 months I just kept going as I always did. At this point the pain was still only located in the wrists itself, mainly my right hand. I felt the pain throughout my entire wrist, not particularly on any side of my wrist. Interestingly I had no problem with playing tennis and never felt any pain during tennis practice. I am also practicing taekwon-do. Push-ups have been tough on my wrist, but I could relieve the pain my pushing up on my fists instead of open hands. After a certain evening of taekwon-do at which I clenched my firsts a lot (due to sparring for a part of the evening), the pain actually became more than a nuisance. At this point (3 months in) the pain started to force me to game less. I once again kept going like this until a month ago. Since one month ago I've stopped gaming altogether. Even though I stopped gaming and didn't have sports at the time due to summer break, the pain kept getting worse for both my wrists. 2 weeks ago I suddenly started to get new symptoms. First my tendon in the center of the underside of my arm. Then a tendon on the inside of my arm. Then on the outside of my arm. And then my fingers started to hurt as well. (They hurt, they don't tingle).
>See picture which illustrates the pain areas.<

I've been using pressure bandages and sport tape to relieve the pain. Both worked at first but the pain has increased to the point that even with tape daily activities such as typing, cycling or even watching tv aren't without pain.

If anyone has a clue what might be going on with my wrists, please suggest your ideas, feel free to ask any questions, I'll try to answer them asap. I'm now going to take a break because this typing is torturing me... Thanks in advance!

TL;DR: My wrists have been hurting since 6 months, recently the tendons in my arms and even my fingers have started to hurt too. The pain is pretty much permanent now, could this by CTS or is it something else?
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I'm having similar symptoms like the rest of you on this topic. And he's my thing...
I'm a 32 year old female,  formerly a IV heroin user.
I wake up some nights abruptly  caused by the painful numbness tingling i get in my hand, not every night,  sometimes they occur far apart from the last time. So I used to think it was maybe that I hit a nerve of some sort while shooting up, and my peers thought the same and actually put the idea in my head first. But now I'm getting suggestions that it could be carpel tunnel which I know nothing about. My boyfriend used to say I was just sleeping on it the wrong way but I really can't be convinced it's simply that, I don't think it would be so damn painful if it was only that. So can anyone help give me some info on what causes this and how to fix it please?  Thanks.
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