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Does heat make symptoms worse?

Hi I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both hands- right is much worse than left.  I have had a cortisone injection in past and am awaiting surgery.  Does anyone find that heat- as in touching something hot or even feeling hot makes your symptoms worse? For me I find the fingers in my right hand go numb if I feel overly warm or if I am holding a hot cup in that hand- just wondering if this is normal with CTS.  Thanks
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What has always helped me is icing my wrists - I have always found that anything but cold just makes it worse (sometimes it would get so bad that I would be near to tears). Sigh, I wish the best for you.
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I just had surgery Friday morning on my left wrist & the 1st thing I noticed was I can touch hot or cold water again. Yeah! the electric shocks going up both arms are gone! My wrist & arm already feel 100% better. OMG! Why did I wait years to have this surgery done. I might have to wait a while to do the right one because I do need to work. But I can't wait to be free of this. Holly
Well, here's something I have noticed... I wake up at night with numbness and tingling in my hand from CTS. I take my blankets off and pull up my t-shirt (basically get naked). Within just a few minutes the symptoms are gone. It's amazing. John
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