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I need to know if my symptoms could be related to carpal tunnel?

Hi there, about a month ago my right thumb became numb but the numbness went away after a few hours. Well 3 days ago my right thumb became numb again but this time it was to the point of where I dropped a carton of milk because I couldn't feel my thumb, or brushing my teeth and hair is difficult now. I wasn't doing anything at the time that my thumb became numb so I'm so confused on what it could be. It is only my thumb, no other fingers or limbs. If I touch my thumb it feels very odd, as if I'm being electrocuted, there's alot of pressure. And to touch other objects, I can't feel it very well. Tomorrow will be day 4 and I just wanted to know if carpal tunnel can affect only the thumb? I am a hard working stay at home mom and I don't sit at a desk and work on a computer or write all day either, I'm usually running around doing stuff and staying active. I don't want to go to the doctor just for them to send me away. If it is carpal tunnel, I have read it can take up to 2 weeks to go away, so I will wait to avoid going to the doctor for no reason. If it doesn't affect only the thumb then I just want to know if going to the doctor would be recommended or if it is safe to wait it out?
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