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Strange sensation in palm of hand

I had carpel tunnel surgery done on both hands a year and a half ago.  Everything had seemed okay (for the most part) since then, however the last few days I've been having a very odd feeling sensation on the palm of my RIGHT hand.  It feels as if there are a bunch of tiny, microscopic slivers imbedded in my palm.  It's very sensitive to touch.  There is nothing visible on my palm...no redness, no rash, no bumps...nothing.  But if I even just lightly rub that area with my other hand, it feels like tiny little pin pricks.  Anyone have any idea as to what might be causing this sensation?  Could this be an early sign of my CTS returning?  
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Hope not. I have a this sharp piercing pain and I haven't had surgery yet. I hope I won't get there thought. I'm currently using gaiam hand therapy balls  and they work quite well.
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I hope not as well.  I didn't have surgery after some people at the hospital who had had surgery, encouraged me not to get it.  They said they still had issues with their hands post-surgery.  I know there are some side effects, such as scarring, etc. so that might be the cause.  Did anything happen recently that might be reason for the pain?  

I didn't go the surgery route, as I was only 27 when the doctors suggested surgery and I figured I'd at least try the alternative medicine route.  You may want to check out acupuncture or occupational/physical therapy -- that was really helpful for me, especially going to an excellent acupuncture (good quality helps).  I also love Acudragon Five Elements essential oils by William Kaplanidis -- the green one really helped me.  Similar but better than ben gay or tiger blam.

I hope that helps!

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