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Why is the tip of my middle finger numb after stretching fingers

I work on-line and play the electric guitar. Before working or playing guitar, I stretch my arms, wrists and fingers. I also massage my forearms and hands to help prevent any injury or RSI. 6 months ago I woke up from a morning, got out of bed and did that big morning stretch, you the stretch when you wake up and extend your arms legs and fingers out. It's that blissful stretch before doing anything else. Well while I was doing that I guess I hyperextended my middle finger from my left hand and felt and heard a pop on the joint closest to my finger tip palm side, and ten minutes later my middle finger tip went numb and tingly. for the mext 4 days I that same exact area where I felt the pop was sore and tender. I stopped playing guitar immediately and worked lighter on my computer when working. I continued this for 1 month until the tenderness ceased and I was able to play guitar again. 4 months later it same symtoms occured after I was performing a very light stretch of my fingers on 11-9-2015. I stretch my finger, heard and felt a little pop and my finger tip went numb again on the same finger. The next day felt a little tender in the area. I still had full control of my finger and did not hurt to use it. But just felt a bit tender in the "popped" area and numb tip. I figured that I should split it and so I did for three days. Then I used the buddy tape method. Today 11-15-2015 the numbness and tenderness subsided. I took the buddy tape off and extend my hand out to "test" my finger with a light stretch and the numbness came back again. Anybody know what this could be? How long I should rest? Why would very light stretching be causing this? Am I lacking more details? Thanks :)
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