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bilateral carpel tunnel symptoms developed in 1-2 weeks doing assembly line?

"I worked at a factory assembly line, assembling and packaging large amount of boxes for 10 hour straight. On my second week, I started feeling pain, numbness and tingling, it got worse and I was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel after an EMG test and had surgery. However the company and their specialist are trying to say 2 weeks of work cannot cause carpal tunnel, ignoring the intensity of my work (11fours a day repetitive work). I read it is possible to get acute bilateral injury even within hours of assembly line work, is this true? I have no history of this injury, but i am having a hard time with these people. Thank you ~
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Although I'm no lawyer and most likely live in a different country, so I can't help you get the company to pay for the surgery, it's not entirely unlikely for repetitive strain injury to develop into CTS, especially if you're genetically predisposed for it.
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