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Our cat is a yr and 1/2, a Domestic Tabby Striped and Female spayed and front paws declawed.  Has recently showing interest in plant consumption and we are growing Vita Green grass for her.  She was a rescue and weighed under 2lbs, she is now 11.5 lbs and beautiful little girl :)
  We are wanting to know if anyone is using or has used the grass for their pet and if there will be any side effects from her eating it?

  She uses the litter box very well and don;t want to disrupt that process of knowing due to unable to control needs.  Thanks
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do you mean your kitty is eating the vita green grass uncontrollably?............like how much? and this is a cat grass I believe isn't it???
If so I can't see there being a problem, kitty is obviously needing something nutrient wise that it is supplying.....I have one that eats alot of lawn grass when outside, its good for them, sometimes with him its helps him to vomit and get rid of a hairball thats accumulated in his stomach.....so no don't limit her digestion of the cat grass....
and btw. welcome to our forum.♥
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Cats eat grass and plants for certain nutrients I'm sure, but mine always seem to vomit it back up. Usually there is a small amount of hair in it also. I have used kitty greens, but they never seem to get very tall because the cats eat it too quickly. But their fave is clover.

One or two important words about plants, however, is be very, very careful what plants you have. Some are extremely toxic to cats, who just love to gobble them down. The only plants I have in my apartment are silk, so I don't need to worry. They may not get to the plants while I'm home, but just the minute I go out the door, you can be certain they'd be after the plants. They even eat the baby's breath and ferns that come with cut flowers.
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  Thank you for the welcome :)   I am excited to meet new friends and share stories about our little Kitty girl.  Yes, this is for cats and she dearly is loving it!   We just gave it to her on Saturday and she is having alot of fun playing and eating too.

  We have not had a cat before now and we call her our little healing angel.  We found her a few months after we had lost our little emby angels and she has brought us much joy and happiness with her many kisses and snuggles :)

   I consulted the vet before giving it to her and she said that it will definately help her to rid of the hairballs, she doesn't get many of them.  We brush her 2 times weekly and she is a short haired tabby, inside kitty.
                               Thank you for your coment and looking forward to chatting more
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