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I have a 9 week old male kitten that i adopted, and a female cat that i just got spayed. My female cat when i first got the kitten did not like him and now she lets him nurse from her. She treats him as if he is her own kitten. She has never had a litter of kittens. So why would she let him do this.
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Since your cat is not producing milk, the kitten is not nursing on her.  The recently weaned kitten is simply sucking on your cat (and would probably do the same to you) as a comfort and security thing, much as babies do with a binkie.  My only concern would be that since your female cat was just spayed, the kitten nursing in that area could infect her incision or cause her spay scar to open.
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That makes since, her incision has been healed for a while. It is just i have never had a kitten do that before
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