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130 cats !!??

This lady in Moscow, Russia is absolutely nuts about cats! These cat were homeless at one time.  130 of them live in her small Moscow flat.  Supposedly every cat has a name and she remembers them all.  Although these cats actually look heathy isn't there a required amount of space per cat?  

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bless her heart for saving these unwanted animals, however how does anyone properly care for that many?
Food, litter and not to mention health problems and Vet bills.....I love cats too BUT there has to be a limit........I hope her reasoning is to be finding 'other' homes for most?
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In this part of the world, people with so many cats are called cat collectors.  If you watch Animal Planet and watch shows like Animal Cops, you find that most cat collectors exhibit mental illness.  I did see one where the person was simply well-intentioned and had a set up for a small animal shelter in her home, but she was overwhelmed.  The ASPCA took most of the cats and dogs from her and allowed her only a limited number of them.  

I wonder what they do in Russia.  So many things are done differently in other parts of the world.
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It's amazing that the place is as clean as it is.  The cats even look healthy. I have 4 and it is hard enough to keep up with them.
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I have two and can't keep up!!!!
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I commend her on being compassionate about homeless animals but i think she is nuts at the same time.  Not healthy both physically and mentally......sara
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Yes sadly you are probably correct.  BTW, with my 4 cats I have two Roomba's set to automatically vacuum daily, upstairs & downstairs plus a regular vacuum.  I wonder if she works?
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