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16 year old cat with a runny nose

Hi - My old cat has had his yearly flu vac but lately every couple of days he has a runny nose and I know it is bothering him because he keeps sniffling and can't get to sleep  (when a cat can't sleep you know there's something wrong, lol) I've wiped his nose several times and he is also sneezing and keeps swallowing the mucus. I just wish he could blow his nose the way humans do - I feel so sorry for him.
Anyway it comes and goes and I don't know what it could be, has anyone else had this problem?, this is the first year he's ever had it so I'm wondering maybe his age has something to do with it.  thanks.
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Older cats are at higher risk for respitory infections, I'd suggest getting him checked out to be on the safe side. (The mucus could be a sign of a low level infection)
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Ah, I forgot to mention. Kitty can catch the flu despite being vaccinated. Since it can be fatal, do be sure to get your old fella checked out.
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Thanks Savas, so much for the flu vax doing its job, he's also an asthmatic too - this little guy has more problems than my ageing parents, lol.
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Ah...to be a young kitten again. Then I could play and sleep, instead of just sleep and sleep. :)

I hope he feels better. Be sure to start adjusting his diet according to his needs as he gets older. Your vet should have some good suggestions based on his blood work.
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