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19 1/3 year old Teia 'splorin

Miss Teia Honey has, with the cooler weather, become very interested in Outside Time again.  I posted a few pictures from her over half hour safari on 2 October.  We have a quarter acre yard and she covered about 3/4 of it.  She even, unusually, stopped for a roll in the grass.

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On another note, latest opinion is Miss Teia may be a year older than indicated above, 20 years and almost 4 months.
They range I got was 6 - 18 months older than we were told when we adopted her.  Being as she is a Lady and Grande Dame, I added on the lower end of the range to get the 19 and 4 months.

Right now, she's finishing up a couple heaping tablespoons of baked chicken I mushed up for her.

We found out she likes caramel gelato (melted), too.
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Miss Teia continues to surprise..after almost 5 year of using pee pads, it appears she has gone back to using the litter box.
...and back to pee pads.

However, the old dear has had Outside Time most every day over the past week.
:-) Joy is doing her businnes on the bathroom sink now..
GOD knows why...
The Way of the Cat is a Great Mystery.
One thought, Miss Cerridwen of fond memory, started doing that.  Turned out she had crystals in her pee, which the vet said the cool porcelain felt better than the cat litter.

We got her treated (no UTI, thankfully) and after a month or so she was okay.

We rescued her when she was about 4 years old (she was a throwaway kitty) and gave her another 12 years.
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