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2nd question

Thank you for your feedback. I greatly appreciate it!  She actually is eating now, but my 2nd question is her breath. It smells sort of like antiseptic or medicine.  Does anyone know what this might be?
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so glad kitty is eating!!
as for the breath odor, this should really be checked out by a Vet dear. it would take a personal assessment to discover the cause.
I haven't run across this particular problem myself, I can tell you a few ideas that are associated with us humans.
sweet smelly breath....diabetes(is kitty drinking alot?)
ammonia....renal problems....ie:failure
sinus infection
cavities or gum infection.
it would be a real good idea to have your Vet check for all these problems.
best of luck, please keep us posted

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beth, I did find this short article just now on cats breath...again I urge a Vet consult.

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