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4 Months with Miss Blue

I was so excited about my cancer news yesterday (No Recurrence - 4 years since diagnosis) I forgot it was Miss Blue's 4 month anniversary with us.

Right now she's sitting in the TV room window, nose to the breeze as it is a nice day here, good for open windows.

She's holding steady at about 10#, still likes kibble 99% of the time, have found some shredded chicken in gravy treats she does eat. Vet wants us to get her taking in more liquid if we can. Blue loves the battery operated mouse tail toy.

Buff is about 13#, energetic as ever. His charm offensive on Miss Blue seems to be working. She is now as likely to bump noses or butt sniff him as she is to bop him, usually with just a token growl.

Cooper is about 15#, loves to get brushed or combed. He and Blue are still having a bit of contention, but it is getting less as Cooper started standing up to her.

Blue's previous people did not let her on the furniture. She has learned that snuggling against my leg when I'm using my laptop is a good thing. Sometimes she even put her forepaws up on my thigh and half lays on me.

They also did not let her in the bedroom. This morning, for the first time, she jumped on the bed and settled down, tucking her paws in the meatloaf pose. :-) She'd been on the bed a couple times before, but only for a few seconds. She stayed about 10 minutes.

All in all, not too bad.

It's even at the point where she has stopped looking for a way of getting out of the yard to find her old home when we go Out. Buff likes Out, too, and they have been out together. Last time she actually play chased him.


Sad side note: Almost 6 months since the semi-famous Miss Teia Honey went over the Rainbow. I still wish she had made it to her birthday next month. My good news from yesterday was tempered a bit, in that, Nurse teia is not here to share it.
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Miss Blue seems to have had a relapse. Vet gave us a week's dosage of Buprenorphine (had 5 days worth last time).

Also got a booklet on feline idiopathic cystitis. The main cause is thought to be stress, which I do not think is her cause.

Heck, while I was vacuuming the upstairs carpet this afternoon, Blue was watching me from only a few meters away.

I really think she feels at home. Blue was sleeping on our bed this afternoon, something her previous people did not allow.

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  Blue not blue; Blue happy kitty girl!  A happy kitty is a happy mommy/daddy!  

More Blessings,
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Congratulations on your good health news.  It sounds like all is well and that you have a wonderful fur-family as well.
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Vet called, no infection. Looks like Sterile Cystitis. Will pick up an anti-inflammatory medicine to give Blue for a week to see if that get her over the bump.

She has started to eat the gravy type wet food, so that'll help with her hydration.
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'Sterile Cystitis'...well, isn't this interesting, I have this issue myself.  Poor girl, I can tell you from experience, it is definitely a painful problem that can come and go.  I'm sure the anti-inflammatory will help.  

Please keep us posted...
How is Blue reacting to the medication?  I was thinking you might see an immediate improvement with the anti-inflammatory on board.
Blue is doing well, thank you.
Good to hear.
Wishing a fast recovery to BLUE.  Lolo keeps eating her urinary kibble ( 4 years already) but sometimes I had been her grabbing normal kibbble from her kids
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Oh, no, sorry to read this, Pip.  Please forgive me, I don't recall what Blue has been eating, wet or dry or a combo of both?      

Since you won't receive the results until Monday, if feeding dry, switch to wet only to see if things improve over the weekend.  If she normally eats wet, then great.  If not, but willing to eat wet, that would be best; sure can't hurt.  

If U/A is clear on Mon, and she is used to dry, I'm sure you know the trick of adding some water to it for the gravy effect...and to get some extra water in her.  We got to the point with Jade where I was even adding water to her wet food (fortunately, wet was all she would eat).  

Should Blue end up having a UTI, hopefully it will clear itself by Monday.  Hopefully no crystals either!!    

And seeing as you are a veteran with kitties, I know I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. :)  

I'll be waiting for Blue's results on Monday.  Hoping for the best!
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Blue eats 99% kibble, which is what her previous people fed her. She is starting to like gravy style treats with shredded chicken. It took us a while to get Teia eating wet food, too.

Blue drinks water throughout the day.

She also likes the flavor of the urinary health kibble the vet recommended (Science Diet).

If needed, I think Blue will hold still for sub-q fluids.
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Miss Blue had a hitch in the gitalong, straining to pee.

Brought her to the vet this morning and they were not only able to get a sample to culture for possible UTI, she also used the litterbox for them.

Should have the results Monday.
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Miss Teia is watching over you all. be sure! Glad for things going ok..
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Your updates always put a smile on my face, but this one is most special since along with Blue's 4 month anniversary, we are also celebrating your health, as well.  Congratulations, Pip, on 4 yrs cancer free.  I'm so happy you're 'here'.

Thinking of Teia today also, as it's almost impossible not to think of 'Pip' and 'Teia' at the same time.  Teia may not be physically here to share your good news, but she is sharing in your joy nonetheless, just in spirit.  

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Such great health news! And the kitty anniversary ain't bad either. Congratulations to you both. :)
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