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7/8s of a cup of kibble per day?

Took Diego to vet Friday.  He had a couple of scratches on head and back. When I noticed a soft lump on back near scabbed area, got worried and off we went to see his vet.
Glad I acted fast as he had an abcess...similar to one he needed surgery for on shoulder awhile back.  This time he was shaved and tech said she (or vet) expressed.  Vet said I'd caught it early...a good thing.

Of course...I'd had to use their restroom during the process...returned to exam room to find my boy roaming around on floor under table....with large round shaven place on back.  Think he was not only traumatized...but humiliated by this:).

Then the antibiotic shot (I know what you are thinking Opus)...I was offered  option of giving him medicine myself or shot. If I'd been calmer, would have discussed and opted to give him medicine myself.  Now, naturally, he has diarrhea...didn't notice as he likes to go outside, like Jade, until this morning.  

Vet is now recommending Diego be checked for AIDs every 6months.  Believe he has had every possible shot..one to protect him from HIV...so bit confused.  But the big news....he weighs 16 lbs...up from 13 when I first took him in..probably 1 1/2 yrs back.  So after the trauma of visit, we leave with a 6.6 lb bag of Royal Canin veterinary diet...calorie control.  And instructions to give 7/8s a cup per day.  Good grief!  

The fact is....D is looking unhealthy.  Really has put on weight in last 6 months.  And I am the one furnishing the food now.  In the beginning he roamed around complex and  I suspected was fed by a couple of tenants.

Our progress...he is now getting only the Royal Canin....but I'm not measuring.  He loves it so no problem there.

This is a huge change.  From being able to snack on Purina One.... plus having breakfast and supper FF or Wellness...and the occasional Temptation (I know I know...bad mom!)....to a few kibbles in what used to be his wet food bowl.  He was extremely confused...searching around kitchen for food...hopping on chair to see if I'd put his breakfast on table...

My questions...does anyone know about this kibble?  Could I wet it so he is getting enough fluid?  (He drinks his water, but am not sure it is enough).  My vet scolded me gently by asking if I measured amount of kibble I feed. Does everyone do this?  My daughter was the first to suggest I begin measuring food when she saw him a few weeks back.  I discounted her comments, naturally, feeling she is way too rigid about amount and type of food she feeds her dogs..another story!  If putting a handful of kibble on his plate when it was almost empty is measuring ...yep..I did!

Lastly...my vet has set a 'target weight' at 13 lbs.  Reasonable?  How long to reach this goal?  

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poor Diego....diets aren't fun. SG Vets really like to push their brands of food, and I'm not really infavor of any of them...they are expensive and still have *&#* grains. really Diego doesn't need a reduced calorie one..he could stay on his regular food and just get less, same as you are doing anyway.
besides he is MUCH better off staying on cans than that darn dry food, but this is all my opinion of course, you do what you are comfortable with..and if he's eating the Royal Canin than we'll leave well enough alone.
as far a how much.....don't free feed, thats just not a good idea(believe me I did it for years too)
give 4 or more if you like small meals a day rather than free feed. I was trying to find a site that I copied for someone else just a while ago and of course couldn't find it...I'll keep trying. but if I remember correctly SG it said NOT to have a cat loose anymore than 2oz per week..so that would be 1/2 lb per month..at that rate Diegos' 3 lbs should take 6 months right?
this is almost 1/4 of his body weight so thats an awful lot...if you compare it to a 100lb person loosing 25 lbs.

so do it very slowly I don't care what any Vet tells you, he could go into Hepatic Lipidosis if you make him loose that much body weight esp quickly...this HAS to be slow. so 6 months is a good target.
therefore 7/8 cup per day.....look on the bag and tell me how many calories that is okay.
we'll keep this conversation going ok -)
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okay found one site. you'll have to figure out the amount of calories in the food you are giving him for starters.
the Vet here gives the formula for deciding on how much to feed...she basis it on a 15lb cat so the figures will be darn close to Diego's weight of 16lbs.

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look at this site SG...is this the Royal Canin you are feeding?
if it is it says the calorie content is 261 kcal per cup. so thats where the Vet is getting the 3/4cup per day idea from...

but theres a something not right there too. on the table on the left it says to feed an overweight cat of 16 lbs...11/4cup per day.

I sure am not impressed with this food either. cats need HIGH protein. read the label. the first ingredient is chicken MEAL...this is not meat...the second is corn MEAL, you have to get all the way down to the 9th ingred. before its real chicken....thats terrible.
look at his Wellness label and see the difference in a good food vs a not good one...sorry I know I get carried away!!!!!

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Oh, Opus...I appreciate you.

I just got out of bed to read the label on the RC...and yep...chicken meal is #1...plus what the heck is that long list about? Wheat gluten?  .I understand the vitamins and minerals...but the list is longer than Purina One. The shorter the list of ingredients the better, imo.

  The tech  looked a little concerned as I checked out...and said I could return food for credit if it didn't work out. His cats are on canned food.  So there appears to be difference of opinion among staff. The young vet is all about meat being first on list of kibble...whatever the brand.

I was so anxious at vets, it is a wonder I made it through without a panic attack.   When vet suggested a kibble from clinic... my fears were on the rise but I complied...paid our 164 dollar bill and got out!

I will read more about free feeding. Don't know where i got the idea it was right for cats. Oh...there is a woman in complex with 5 cats, and I noticed 5 small bowls filled with kibble in kitchen...yet none of hers are overweight or have urinary tract problems...she has them on a Science Diet ..??!!

Wellness was my choice for Diego when I first got him. I stopped as budget was a concern.  I recently picked up a couple of cans when in Petco and he loved...divided small can into two servings.

I'm committed to reducing calories he takes in daily...

I need answers from vet.  May keep kibble...tho' Diego started sneezing yesterday and is having loose stools..can't be sure what is what just now.

My boy is stretched out by my side...fast asleep finally!  

I will read more in the morning...thanks again, Opus, for your help.

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You got the idea about free-feeding because that's what we used to do.  My childhood cats had access to dry food always, with the wet given only at night.  None of our 3 cats were ever overweight; I don't know why.  What kind of shape they were in though, is anyone's guess.  

Five cats IN or OUT of the house?  If they are outside kitties, the owner may not notice trouble with UTI's or not, you know?  

I agree with Opus.  Forget the S.D., and cut back on current food.  Wellness once in a while is better than none, A.  Oh, I see you said you'd keep the kibble...okay, up to you.  Sorry you had such a hard time at the vet.  Rest yourself today, honey.  Those tiny rooms don't help at all.  Understand 'cost'.  FF is now over a dollar a can, and Jade eats 2 per day.  
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SG....the Royal Canin is no better no worse than the purina, so if you still need to keep feeding some dry theres not alot to be gained by returning it, expect for costs sake...its probably higher in cost than purina one...?
Yeah these pet food cost are getting out of hand....

the diarrhea can be from the rapid change in food or the antibiotic shot(conveinia)

Just this morning I got this in my inbox...abt high fiber dry foods and overweight cats....lol. Its the grains in these foods plus over feeding of course that is making our cats overweight to begin with!!!!
Hope Diego is better today -)


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Jade...we weren't allowed a kitty growing up...but I remember relatives with cats...generally they were free fed or giving wet food AM and PM....but big difference...many were not allowed in house, so were basically more active.

Funny...but I don't remember trips to vets except for neutering/spaying and shots.  

The lady with cats is really a cat lady!  Her five are strictly indoor.  Then she has a group of ferals Animal Control has fixed.and released..they live a few miles awayin wooded area behind large apt. complex.  She drives to them each day...then rides her bike to various spots to feed.  She said she doesn't pet them as she doesn't want them to become trusting of humans.  Some of cats are throw aways from complex.

Opus...that Covenia Injection gave Diego diarrhea...he is managing now.  I am watching his intake of water (good)...believe we will stay with RC..even tho' the ingredients give me pause..he loves it, and there is where we could have a problem!  He is getting roughly 1 1/2 cup a day/night.  

He still runs to kitchen looking for wet food morning and night.  In a week or so, believe I'll stock up on a few cans of Wellness.  

Costs: 6.6 lb bag of Calorie Control cost me $30;25 ...don't recall what the smaller bag  of  Purina One cost. And wet food...as we all know..is expensive!  Hard to believe FF is almost what Wellness costs.  

Appreciate you both so much!

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My 3 childhood cats were indoor/outdoor, and most definitely OUT at night.  More active makes sense.  They also never went to the vet unless there was an emergency, and certainly no annual shots.  And yet all 3 lived into their late teens and early 20's.  

Glad the diarrhea has passed for Diego.  That Covenia seems to do that.  Easier to deal with when you know it's a side effect.

*throw away's from the complex*...so sad.  

Why can't you feed half SD, and half wet as long as caloric intake is the same?  
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There are a number of very good OTC cat foods available. I don't always agree with the vet's prescription diet, either. There is a reason they are available in the vet's office.
  Some of the Purina diets are good, Blue Buffalo puts out some good ones, Wilderness Diets are also good. Main thing is to read the ingredients, remembering that cats are dedicated carnivores. That means that the main ingredient in their diet is meat. Anything else is just a bit of a snack, but some cats do love to munch grass.
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Right, Jade...as much as I HATE counting calories....I'm thinking we could substitute Wellness wet with RC kibble, and stay within acceptable caloric range.  He is now fairly obssessed with his feeding area..lying on mat..sitting in front of empty bowl..rubbing on large bag of Royal Canin....

The Wellness would provide fluid and protein.  Two essential components of a healthy diet.

PenMarMom....most of us are skeptical of vet's prescription diets:).  My daughter mentioned Blue Buffalo.  Her dogs gained on Wellness formula.

Heh...Diego will munch grass from time to time when out.
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