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Abby is Going Back to the Vet!

My cat is going back to the vet. His bleeding has gone insanely bad, and it has become ridiculous for a cat to be bleeding like this. He was fine until last night. I found blood again and all the mucuse from the colon was covered in blood and loose stool. This morning the story was the same, or worse, so I think it's time for him to be seen again by his vet.

I need prayers here. Treatment (antibiotics and prednisone) obviously didn't work.  He is only 1 year old. I will keep you all updated as soon as I get back from the vet.

I know we do not have much experience dealing with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in cats, but it will make me feel better to know that I have your support.

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Oh PrettyKitty, I'm so sorry. I will be praying for Abby today. Please let us know as soon as you know anything, ok?
God bless you and little Abby.
your friend,
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Sorry, very sad.  I wish there was a cure that I could recommend.  This is very tough.

Sorry to be asking questions at such a worrying time, I hope you dont mond.  Maybe we can find a cure together??  Share ideas.

Did your cat have a colonoscopy?  Where they use the camera.  How did they diagnose inflamatory bowel disease?

My Dog with diareah (one year of illness, we tried every treatment) is having a colonoscopy tomorrow and I dread the outcome.  He is in the University Hospital now having the enemas etc....lonely, worried and sad..I know how you feel.

He is also one and half years old.  Every antibiotic he had made him perfect, but 2 days after giving it up , back again.  I have tried everything.  The prednisone made him gain 1 kilo in four weeks.  He only weighs 5 kilos.

Anyone got any ideas on how to go?  Is it an immune system response.? I know Colitis in humans is treated with immune supressants.  I will let you know the outcome from tomorrow.

I hope that they can find something to help your cat.

It has got to be more common than it appears.
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April and therese,

Thank you for your support. Abby is still bleeding but I got his meds right here. This time, the vet gave me not only antibiotics and prednisone but also an antibacterial which fights bacteria causing coccidiosis. He said it was highly unlikely for Abby to have this type of bacteria in the colon but...just in case. He said Prednisone and Antibiotics did work because they stopped the bleeding. We just have to KEEP him on meds for as long as he lives. I was given a lot of information. Vet said that what we are seing is the beginning of what will soon be called CANCER, in which case I'd have to put my pet to sleep because nothing, not even humans respond well to treatment in the presence of cancer in the colon.

So, I don't know how much my cat will last, but I'll make sure he lives a wonderful life, spoiled rotten.

Next time Abby bleeds he will be taken for endoscopies, but vet doesn't really feel the need for me to be spending more than a thousand dollars on a test which will tell me the same thing he has been doing: My Cat has Colitis, a form of IBD which cannot be cured and will eventually turn into cancer. And also, vet said that during the Biopsy he performed on Abby, he went very deep, so there is no doubt Abby has IBD. Endoscopy is just to be 120% sure he has IBD, but there is a risk of injuring the colon. He fears the fact that sometimes, perforation of the wall happens, which would make it all matters worse.

Thank you guys!
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I'm sorry to hear about this. luv. You're right, it's a sucky diagnosis; no mammal should ever get this illness.

You may want to try (with your vet's approval) giving your cat the Yucca product I mentioned elsewhere. It does wonders for inflammation and is considered a natural antibiotic. The only drawback is it doesn't taste very good.

Otherwise, you can try using one of the herbal calmers that has skullcap in it. Skullcap is a natural opiate; a better option to nasty pain pills that can cause your cat emotional distress.
Just be sure to administer it orally, as the in water dosage is really to difficult to monitor for any real success.

I would suggest going on one of the pure meat diets that are out there with a vitamin supplement. that way Abby won't get the stress to her digestive system that comes from trying to cope with grains, fillers, and ash by products.

Otherwise, we'll be thinking fondly of Abbey.
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I hope that your cat will improve.  At least there will be an improvement in symptoms with the treatment.

the endoscopy can show what specific kinds of inflamatory cells are there.  For example if it is an imune response or a bacteria or other cause I think there are three or four different kinds of cells, the fourth is I think if it is an allergic response.  So that a specific cause can be found  Drugs can be administered then accordingly. Immune suppresant drugs can be used if needed then. We had to do it in the end and I hope at lest they find answers, sometimes they dont?

I have spent a lot of time researching it today for my dog.  I am at work now and my husband has collected my Dog.  We will have results next week, but there is extensive inflamation which can be easily seen.

Some dogs (on the net) have been on prednisone for 2 years and went on to make a full recovery!
I do not know how it is for cats?  It sounds like your cat was on prednisone for a very short time in comparison.

i would not  think about or dwell on the Cancer posibility.  I mean there are photographs of animals like skeletons on the internet and then in fantastic condition.

Do not give up hope and lets try everything!!  We need patience and perserverance.
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I am hoping for a good outcome with Abby.  She is lucky she has you.        sara
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