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About Cat's Pregnancy...

Hi... My umpteen efforts to keep my kitten indoors during her first estrus (at abt 6 months) failed as she escaped as the maid came in one day and a couple of days later i realized that she was pregnant!!! Spaying her is my top priority now. But i dint wanna do it while she is expecting...

Well anyways, thats not the actual problem though!!!

As per my calculations the mating took place somewhere between 23 and 28 of October....( i realized she was pregnant after abt a month) Keeping that in mind, i predicted that she may bear young ones sometime around new year!! I'm taking all the extra care i can, feeding her regularly and keeping her mostly indoors...

But today that is 22nd december, My cat, woke me up early with her meowing!! (not the regular tone!), She became restless and was prancing all around the house, until i eventually let her out... She was more than happy, and rolled on the ground n purred loudly n meowed constantly thereby attracting the neighborhood tomcat (the mate i suppose!). She's behaving like she's having an estrus now!! she's even positioning herself in the mating position n allowing the tomcat to enter her!!!

I thought i had enough of it and got her inside. Her belly is noticeably round now, and her nipples are pink and prominent, her milk glands are all bulged... (She isnt exactly looking to nest today, but she's been loitering  in every nook n corner looking for a place since the past 3 weeks)....and she's grooming more than she usually does and there seems to be some discharge!! I however havent seen any perfect fetal movement as yet!!

On one thought, she's pregnant..... Then why is she displaying the mating behaviour??? what is that's exactly going on??? what should i do??? anyone knows anything that can help me please???

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Get her to a vet as soon as you can to be examined.  It's possible (although not likely) that she didn't conceive when she was bred and is having a false pregnancy.   Cats and dogs that have false pregnancies exhibit all the signs that an animal having a normal pregnancy would, but the fact that you say she is acting like she's in season again is odd.  It certainly bears looking into.  If she is pregnant, it would have been safer to spay her and abort the litter than it would be for a cat that young to deliver a litter.  Even though she was old enough to come into heat, she's not finished growing and if the tom was a large cat, a large kitten could make for a very difficult and possibly dangerous delivery.  I would take her and have a vet evaluate her and possibly even x-ray her to see how many kittens are in there if she IS pregnant.  An x-ray will also give you an indication of the size and placement of the kittens, you can see if anyone has an exceptionally large skull that might make for a difficult delivery.  But she needs to go anyway to see why she is showing signs of estrus if she is bred.

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Why wouldn't you have spayed her before now?!?
A cat can be spayed/neutered as early as 8 weeks of age. How irresponsible to wait, and possibly bring more kittens into this world, as if we don't have enough of an overpopulation problem as it is.
You can take her in have her spayed and if she is pregnant, abort the litter. It would be better than bringing 3-5 kittens into this world that could possibly end up homeless, injured, or dead.
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I'm placing my vote with the others.  Spay her now preggers or not.
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