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After being cured from Chronic Renal Failure - convalescence and related problems

Discuss about cat convalescence after having being cured from CRF.

Hello, my 19yo cat cured from CRF, but I'll have to continue treatment. And I don't know if after being cured, if she shall continue treatment or not, because usually cats don't get cured of CRF.

She'll soon re-start her treatment: Renalzin + Probiavi probiotics, Renalzin made her Phosphorus get lower and the probiotics made her Urea get lower, and both made the Creatinine get back to normal levels:

- I don't know if it's good to wait for her probiotics to arrive before re-start ?
- I don't know if low urea is dangerous ?
- I don't know if low phosphorus is dangerous ?
- I don't know if there is something in her kidney that didn't cure ?

Renalzin = Lanthanum carbonate (Human Renalzin in France is called Fosrenol, but you must have the same medicine with another name in UK and USA)

Probiavi contains =

Pediococcus Acidophilus
Bifido lactis
Bifido Longdum
Lactobacillus Acidophillus
Streptococcus Thermophilus
S.Cervisiae (yeast)
FOS (Fructo oligo sacharide)
And a little dextrose (food grade)

And there is also another problem, I pass my time trying to contact a researcher that can tell me if it is possible that one of her probiotics bacteria has mutated into one that can cure cat kidney cancer or contains a new virus that can cure CRF ? And I also think that if such bacteria or virus exists, it comes from Canada and it travels in USA through Psyllium Husk that are prebiotics, that means food for bacteria. But I still did not have a positive answer from any researcher. It is important because cure for CRF, or at least mega toxin eater that lowers Urea, cannot be into a volatil compound that has not been identified and whose presence depends on luck.

If there isn't such mutated bacteria nor virus, it's only the treatment that worked. Some humans also can cure from it.

I also have no vet knowledge and am a simple pet owner.
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abnormal low levels of phosphorus indicate dietary imbalance, Diabetes or overactive parathyroid gland.

low levels of blood urea nitrogen can indicate Liver disease or starvation..

I am not saying that possibly you ran across something that has actually "cured" your cat but as we all know if your cat has Renal failure there is no cure only things we can give them to help and to slow down progression..

Renal failure usually is not caught till the cat starts showing symptoms like Excessive water intake, frequent urination, vomiting, constipation, Diarrhea, loss of appetite, etc.

Sometimes if a cat is dehydrated or has an infection their bun and creatine levels can go up and then come down after treatment..

That's all I know, I also am not a vet  but a pet owner who has also lost one of her cats due to a four year battle with CRF...
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Fran I agree with Donna, CRF can only be controlled not cured, your efforts have gone a long long way towards keeping kitty as healthy as he can be and hopefully will be with you for a long time yet.
I too lost my dear Opus 5yr ago  to CRF he too had a 3 yr battle, with medications and many trips to the city to a special clinic....I wasn't even on a computer back 5 yrs ago, otherwise I know I could have done many things different for him back than....we learn as we go and can't change the past.
keep up the great work!!

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I agree totally, I have learned more about CRF after I lost my calico kitty over a year and a half ago, we learn from mistakes, that is for sure..
Keep up the good work..
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I hope she doesn't have liver disease. She'll only see her vet in 2 months. Her eyes have always been yellowish, there has never been white in them because it is a cat eye, they are one single back color + black | , so I can't tell if she is more yellow. I had a similar problem because of Gilbert disease x stress, but I didn't get yellow, but I'm not sure. Furthermore with all her fur, I can't tell neither if her skin is more yellow. I don't think her tong is unusual although she licks herself fast.

She is waiting a little before going on treatment. Probiotics didn't came.

Without the treatment her appetite is getting better. Although she only eats in the morning, now she is eating twice in the morning. Could be a starvation problem because she is overweight.
I'm giving her Whiskas cat milk, I hope it's good for the bones because it has vitamin D, taurine, and calcium. And my mother is also taking milk with vitamin D.
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I would say it could possibly be diet related..You see most kidney prescription diets are actually too low in protein, I have to disagree with professionals that still cling to the old knowledge of "low Protein" for a renal failure cat(I have read that those low protein diets cause malnutrition and muscle wasting)..My cat gets a high quality, low carb, no grain canned cat food and her BUN (blood urea nitrogen) levels are still high but have come down from 60 to 50 and her Creatinine remains the same, 2.8..
The object is, the quality of the protein, no By-products, no synthetic additives or fillers, this takes extra stress off of the cat's kidneys..
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I just found her past weight (30 July -> 8 September): 4.5 -> 3.250
Normally loosing weight should height her creatinine. Else there was a problem with the machine, else it's something with her (cured or wrong diagnostic).

Probiotics lasted: 6 August to 2 September 2010, new ones didn't came. I restarted Renalzin phosphate binder today the 16th September, I had stopped the 2th September.

She went to vet: 24 June, 30 July, 8 September
Her Crea levels mg/L did 23.3 - 26.8 - 21.8
It's only her Urea that had significant variations g/L: 0,524 - 0,774 - 0,308

I really think the Kidney food wasn't good for her health. But I don't know what is good. Now she is with Royal Canin Renal Special (because she wants it more than K/D with no taste) mixed with some Science Hills Senior big croccroc. And Science Hills 7+ wet turkey.

" the quality of the protein, no By-products, no synthetic additives or fillers, this takes extra stress off of the cat's kidneys " I agree. Tell me names ?

Yes diet related problems may explain Urea significant variation. But she is eating more then before but less than when she was overweight.
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And I have a 2 high Urea problem in the past:

19 sept 2009
urea 0.770
crea 17.7

26 nov 2009 (not my vet)
urea 0.849
crea 19.1

Urea levels increase with age and also with the amount of protein in your diet. High-protein diets may cause abnormally high urea levels. Very low-protein diets can cause abnormally low urea.

Yes, shes was having a pack of about 10 Sheba Chicken with true slices when she had the 30 July high Urea. And the abnormal  low Urea is due to KIdney food that also might have lower her weight (I don't know why ?).

So food has a lot to do with health !!!
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hi Fran this will be short, I'm in a rush this a.m and will try and give a brief reply to the postings.
I agree with animals as wiht ppl food has a great deal to do with our health.
Sorry I can't answer your renal questions.
I can give you a site from dr. Lisa Pierson that does give a list of good no grain high protein foods.
she is full of info on nutritiion, I'm not sure if she has any specific info on Kidney diets tho? good luck, you are doing a super job!!

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Please take care of your life.

I do not wish to hurry you. I have more time to spend on internet than you, so I do not wish to eat your precious time with your job, your home and your cat.

My sister thinks that her levels variation is due to the fact that she is old, and sometimes her kidney works, sometimes her kidney doesn't work. This would explain Creatinine variations, if she has Chronic Renal Failure because of aging and not because of phosphorus or other disease. My sister doesn't think she is cured, she thinks she is old, and that's what is causing all the health problems. And she says: you cannot cure from aging.

And I had the Sheba Chicken percents %, phosphorus levels are good in the food, but since it is true sllices, it is protein levels that are not good in the food and that can higher Urea levels:

SHEBA® dômes au blanc de poulet (chicken breast):

Teneurs moyennes pour 100 g de produit (per 100g)
Matières grasses (FAT): 0,8 g
Proteines : 12,7 g
Phosphore : 0,06 g
Sodium : 0,02 g

Furthermore since yesterday the 16th September she is back on Renalzin and 1/2 Fortekor.

Right now she has:
- Royal Canin Renal Special mixed with Science Hills 7+ big crocroc that she doesn't always eats.
- Science Hills wet with turkey 7+

I don't like the idea of 7+ on a 19+ cat.
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Thank you for the website, it recommended wet food with no grain. My cat PH was 6.2 than 6. I'll try to measure it later because I am afraid of CaO. (Cat PH is 6 - 6.5 more means too much carbohydrates, less too much meat / ph paper sold for fish aquarium is less expensive than for saliva and it is the same paper).

:) Take your time.
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I'm thinking about Complete Probiotics Powder for Pets since Probiavi didn't arrive and sellers told me there was an hygienic problem: they tried to convince me you can freeze a product that has thawed (has de-freeze) for me to buy more product and they don't want to send a 48H carbon-ice package, just the same thing that gets wet on the way. I think it didn't arrive because Canada Post must have trown away a wet package. And even if their probiotics are good, I won't trust their travelling hygien anymore.

I still don't have a job, it's going to be a hard investment, but it's GMP certified.
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Shipping of USA probiotics is between 29 to 35$, I'll try to convince Probiavi to pay extra for good shipping.
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