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My cat is eating very little but drinking lots of water. He is losing weight and has a weak "MEOW"...can you offer any help? He also peed on the floor instead of his litter box and has never done that before.
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I agree that this could be a bladder infection, but another possibility is that this could be kidney disease especially since the cat is losing weight.  Kidney disease happens when a cat is 7 yrs or older.

This is not a problem that'll just go away, but this could get MUCH worse.  I wouldn't delay taking your cat to the vet.
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He probably has a bladder infection (the peeing)  or cystitis and he assosiates the litter box with pain.  A cat only acts like this when they are sick, you should get him to a vet ASAP  I hope it is nothing more serious as weight loss is not good.

Let us know how he is doing.
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