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Augmentin 200 mg/5ml?

Hi everyone,  I have 3 cats that are litter mates. 1 little Princess girl, and 2 little stinker boys. I also have 4 other kitties. The 2 brothers came to blows about 4 days back and now 1 has an abscess by his ear on the top of his head. I've been able to clean it with some Chlorhexidine scrub and warm water a couple times since finding the abscess yesterday. This evening while cleaning it I started getting a lot of nasties out of it. I was as gentle as I could be while putting a little pressure and getting it to where it was clean blood coming up a bit instead of the puss, and cloudy blood it was. I put a little bacitracin on the exterior of the wound. My son is almost done with his course of Augmentin 200 mg/5 ml and was wondering if I can give this stinker boy what's left, and also how much to give a 12 lb cat. Neither of the combatees have any diseases besides nasty claws, and teeth like normal cats. They're strictly indoors unless they sneak out for a minute then they run back in really fast. Please give me some advice to help my cuddle buddy. I can't afford to take him in until the beginning of next month. They're all due for vaccinations next month also.  I've had these fur babies for 10 yrs and don't want him dying because of this.
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It sounds like you have made a good attempt at getting at the infected fluid, although it will fill up again and he will need ANTIBIOTICS prescribed by the vet after the vet SEES your cat for a complete assessment of the situation. I am sure your vet will allow you to pay as you can ---your cat cannot wait until next month though--needs to get to the vet NOW!

Please Let us know how things work out!
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I agree with CML.  Your cat needs to see a vet asap.  Please, never give a cat human meds.  You don't know the proper amount to give and you don't know if it's toxic or not.  If it's toxic, it can cause kidney and/or liver failure.

If you have an established vet that you've been seeing for years, they are more than willing to let you postdate a check or make payments.  Give them a call and explain the situation to them.
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No.... to give one or two doses of anti biotics to human, or animal, will only make the bacteria stronger. The anti will start to attack the bacteria, but if not continued until it has killed it all, the infection will come back even stronger, AND more resistant.

I have never heard of an oral anti biotic being prescribed for less than 7 days, usually 10. You might as well take him to the vet now.
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I was finally able to debride the area properly today. Still got a lot of nasties out. I already called my vet. I know when I'm out of my depth and I don't want to hurt him. I think I got it flushed well but we'll be headed in tomorrow. He said I could give him 1.87ml of the Augmentin until tomorrow then he'll get him more. That way I'll have enough meds for the full 10 day course. I keep accurate records on weight so I know I gave my vet the proper weight. I had to put all 3 indoor cats on diets. Now it's a waiting game. He did say I'm doing right by cleaning the area and keeping it as clean as I can.  I'm also making sure it stays open so it drains properly. So my cuddle buddy will be on the proper course for healing tomorrow. Thanks for the replies guys.
So happy you spoke to your vet and as I said you seem to have done your best with the infected fluid. Good for you and hoping your little guy will be back to his ole self very soon.
Thank you for the kindness and good care you give your pets.
Let us know how he is doing, K?
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Sounds good to me. Yes, as long as you can get a full prescription from the vet, then starting him a day early is a good idea.
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Just to clarify...meds you get from the vet are pharmaceutical grade. I take care of so many strays, a vet allowed me to purchase amoxicillin in bulk. Powdered, mix with water. The packaging only gave breakdown for mixing for human treatment. They write on the bottle of powder the mixing directions for cats.
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