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Bedtime Zzzzz

Can you train a kitten when its bed time?
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Hi Babygirl,

My husband would get a kick out of that question. He thinks it is always bedtime for our cat Meezy,

Cats sleep most of the time with spurts of energy in between for catching their food (that is out in the wild. When the Cat Café is always open for our little loves, they do not have to hunt. So they need to be worn out. Make sure they have plenty of toys they can play  with or without you.

Most cats will follow you into bed if you do that really bad thing of allowing them to sleep with you in your human bed. If they do not sleep with you, just close your bedroom door . Now they may act like there is a circus in town and meow, run around, scratch at the door. I actually had a cat who literarily would un roll the toilet paper...all of it to get attention at night. They are like children. but you have to ignore these kids or they will have YOU trained
I am sure she will settle down. If she is still a baby sometimes if you get a wonderfully stuffed animal  she may settle down right next to it , you know--Feels like MOM !

A warm bed  on the vanity of your bedroom so she can see you may also be just the thing. She can keep an eye on her mom and dad.

Keep us posted on how things are going.

All the Best,
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We've always  tried to get our kitties to sleep on the bed with us, played with them as kittens before bed time to try and burn off some excess energy, didn't always work. :)

Cute video of a cat that unrolled the tp and rolled it back up again.

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I never could convince mines it was bed time :-)
They really know its time for me to go bed and frequently they use the litter box after me using toilet - but it doesnt mean the will sleep, just  the opposite.
We have a sometimes long playing/petting session and when they get calmer I go to my bedroom that is "Glued" to the place they stay.
Eventually I have to return cos someone is "asking" for me... 1,2 or more times!!! Not always, thank Lord :-)
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I have told Reese from day one "Lets go night night" at bedtime. He knows the routine...fllows me while I lock the door, gets drink out of faucet while in bathrm, watches me while I get cpap ready. Then when I get in bed and turn off the light....sometimes he gets in bed with me and sometimes he goes back in other room to play.
My point is....yes, they can learn when its your bedtime but, that doesnt mean they will go to bed too. But he knows to go in other room if he wants to play.
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