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Best Friend's Cat has Suddenly become Aggressive towards Me

  My Best Friend's 2 year old Cat who has always been sweet towards Me in the past has suddenly developed a seeming hatred towards Me ... This situation is really uncomfortable for Me and I am assuming said Feline as well since She is very obviously bothered by my presence whenever I am near . In the past this same Cat accepted Me and allowed for Me to pet Her , play with Her , Feed Her etc . I have known Her for most of Her 2 years and have been around Her regularly enough to ensure that this is not some case of unfamiliarity due to the span of time that has elapsed from visit to visit and I can assure you that I have not ever done anything mean to Her - in fact , I used to enjoy giving Her treats and whatnot .. While I do live with My own 2 Feline Friends ( both 2 as well , a male and a female who were both fixed at 6 months , as was She ) I do not believe that Her smelling their scents on Me is to blame because if that were the cause for this I would think that She would have been doing this the whole time . Her attitude has remained unchanged towards everyone else it seems which makes the whole thing worse because why would She decide to single Me out in this way and it hurts My feelings , it is also somewhat embarrassing when She does this in front of People - She really makes a point of coming right up to Me and She just starts Hissing and a few times She has also extended one of Her paws out towards Me as if She is about to strike but then hesitates and retreats .. After initially trying to sweet talk Her etc I have now come to the conclusion that all I can do is pretend that I do not see Her at all which is sort of hard and especially whenever it is just Me and Her in the room because then She starts trying to threaten Me by coming right to where I am and getting My attention by staring Me down and Hiss Hiss etc...  This all began about 3 weeks ago and I would like any advice that anybody has to offer which might Help Remedy the situation as well as any information on why this may be happening ... Thank You !
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You are attributing human behavior to a cat that simply don't exist in cats.  The cat doesn't hate you and I am quite certain the reaction is due to scent. Any hair product, skin product, or perfume can cause this type of reaction.  That she has this reaction only with you indicates that it is from a smell you are emitting rather than a general behavioral change in the cat.  .  
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I'll echo nancyjac here...we sometimes forget that our little friends are still very much predators, who "see" a lot of the world through their double olfactory system.  They both smell our scent and taste it to a much higher degree than many other animals, us humans especially.

Did you change any of your cleaning or beauty aids 3 weeks ago?

Heck, have you changed your diet?  That will also affect your scent, inso far as kitty is concerned.
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Thank You !
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