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Bobby-Jo had a bad adventure

Bobby-Jo is Ed's darling shop kitty who adopted him, we suspect she was abandoned. When he got to work she came right up like usual and wanted to for a ride for coffee and he immediately noticed something was wrong. What was sticking out of her face!!! Straight to the vet. He thought it was a porcupine quill ( Ed's shop is surrounded by woods) but it was a bird bone!! Even though we feed her ourselves she still catches birds and other delicious treats for us (blech) and somehow the bone pierced her palate in a freak accident. Antibiotics and shots after anesthesia and home she came to recover! (Staying INSIDE  side the shop like she does during the winter, tonight and tomorrow) Imagine?? Poor Bobby-Jo, thank goodness it wasn't Ed's day off!
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Wow, good thing kitty has you two!
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Wow, is right.  I'm glad she was found sooner rather than later.  It sounds like she will be alright, though.  Whew!
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Yeah-we feel terrible for her!! Luckily his shop is located behind a house a good way from the road and then there's woods behind the shop so they (so far) have no interest in wandering the road, plus we feed them. ("Them" being the feral cats in the woods. We think Bobby-Jo was a person-abandon because she's the only one that walks right up to you and trusts people; the others are very skittish but now know our voices and the sound of the crunchies in their big metal bowl. We'd love to be able to afford to get them all fixed, but Friskies is all we can do right now. And save them from birdie bones in the face! He said she was so good, purring and gave him a big hug when he came back to pick her up.
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