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Breast cancer operation + chemo ?

My cat, Lucy, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The vet recommend to operate her and remove all her glands on one side, then have chemo.  Lucy is a persian female cat of 14 years old.  She is still kicking and happy.  We don't know what is the best thing to do.  She does not handle vet's visits very well and she gets stressed.  After the biopsie only, it took her 5 days to get back to normal.   Does anybody go through it?  How was your cat with it?  We are trying to make a decision on everything, based on what Lucy will have to go through.  
Thank you
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hi and welcome, first of all I want to say how sorry I am to hear of Lucy's diagnosis...she is sure a beautiful little lady.
You have a very difficult decision to make, you want to keep Lucy with you for as long as possible and also maintain her quality of life without putting her through anymore stress and discomfort than necessary, and how much more time will it buy her.

you are doing the right thing by researching the treatments and trying to finding out how other kitty's have tolerate such.
this is very drastic surgery also the chemo can sometimes be very harsh.
I haven't had experience with this myself and I don't believe there have been recent posts on this forum regarding any kitty's undergoing this.

I will send you some links that I have, one site is testimonials from other kitty parents and I think you may find some answers there that you seek.
I wish you and little Lucy all the luck in the world on this journey. please come back and share with us the decision you make...((>^.^<))



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Thank you for your kind words and support.  Thank you also for the links.  I will make sure to let you know whichever decision we will take.
Laurent & Lucy
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We made the decision to go through with the operation.  It is scheduled for Wednesday.  I started a journal for Lucy and will do my best to keep it up to date.  We are a little scared, but we hope she will be back to normal in no time.
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I know you are doing what you feel is in Lucy's best interests...she is a very loved little girl.
Were you able to read the testimonials from the site I gave? did this help you with your decision, were there other pet parents that you could communicate with and learn from their experience?
I understand how much fear you both must be feeling, my heart goes out to you....and to Lucy too of course.
I will post another site I just found, It may help answer a few more of your questions, if your like me you have dozens right now....(((>^.^<)))
I will keep a close eye on your journal...♥

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I did read the testimonials. Unfortunately, I did not get much answers.  I tried to communicate with some other parents byt did not get any answers back.
Thank you.
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My cat recently had her mammary glands removed on one side, as her tumours were almost 2cm each; she is 8years old. She's coped very well since surgery, and her scar healed well. There has been no mention of having chemo in the future, however long/short that may be.
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hi and welcome to our cat community, so sorry to hear abt your dear kitty....You can read all abt Lucy on Laurents journals that he started when she had her surgery back in June and continuing to his most recent journal on Dec. 8th saying how well Lucy is doing..we are so very happy for her!!! Laurent elected not to do the chemo, but that is a decision every pet parent will have to make on their own with the info and recommendations of their Vets.....read Lucy's story by clicking on the link below, the first one you'll see is Dec. you'll have to read in reverse order...or click back by the #'s you see on the page. good luck to your little girl, please keep us updated and your most welcome to post anytime if we can help.....♥

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