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Bumps on my cats lip???

So I noticed that Bam got these bumps on his lower lip...a small one on the right side and a big one on the left side...What could that be? We did recently move to another state...But I noticed those only like a week ago...He keeps scratching at them every once in a while...And there is some fluid coming out of the big one....I washed the bumps with some peroxide just cuz I wanted them clean and the small one seems to have gotten  even smaller...I have no money just yet for the vet so please be nice...Im barely getting called in for interviews for a job since the move...
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The link im posting is of someone else who had the same exact problem...I mean it sounds EXACTLY LIKE WHAT BAM HAS....I believe we will be changing our food bowls tomorrow :)
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Hey Kandy, the plastic bowl was the first thing I thought of, too.  I'm glad you found that link for yourself and shared it here for future parents.  If indeed that's the problem, it's an easy fix and will only cost you the price of a new ceramic food bowl : )

Wishing good health for Bam!
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hi Kandy...Jade is so right, we appreciate you taking the time to post when you've found some more info, this helps everyone.
I will give you a site that confirms what Jade told you about the bowls....this condition is termed 'feline acne'.


the site gives recommendations on how to clean the acne,
My one kitty Sami had a bout of this last year, I use COLLOIDIAL SILVER topically for every skin problem. you can also add a small amount of TURMERIC with it, mix into a paste and dab it on, Sami's healed within 2 days. Just incase the ceramic bowl alone doesn't do the trick.
Colloidial Silver is avail from any health food store, its about $25 for a HUGE bottle that will last years.
good luck.♥
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Thank you oh so much...I just get paranoid with things like that because of the inability to take him to the vet just like that...I was all over...I didnt know if he got a tumor or something...Whewwwwww.....
Oh and yeah he has always had his ceramic bowl for his food and a plastic one for his water...never had we had this problem before...I guess its the fact that he ate out of plastic that made it react like that...
Again thank you a whole bunches...
Oh and i also had another question...
HOW DO I GET HIM TO DRINK MORE WATER THROUGHOUT THE DAY!!!...I mean he is a totally picky drinker and will only drink bottled water...which is what i buy for him all the time...But I was wandering if there is like a secret to having him more interested in water...???
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plastic has so many spores and harbors bacteria too....
so than has the acne all disappeared now? was he temporarily eating out of plastic?????
I hope this is solved now however it may need the collodial silver treatments as mentioned in future.

Water.....oh that is a tough one, cats don't naturally drink much water..they get most of what they need in their diet...ie mice!!
Now that we have domesticated them we need to be sure they are eating canned food which has 78% moisture compared to only 12% in dry...or they will develop urinary tract disease just to name one.
Many cats love running water and will lap from a dripping tap. They also have flowing fountains avail and many cats love these...they arent that expensive from a Walmart or Amazon.
If you need I can look up a website for you. I know many who have had great success with these fountains, my cats didn't!!  lol. ♥
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our 17 year old bombay, Mr. Smith, has indicated he prefers his water fresh and cold in a freshly washed low 4" round human drinking glass, and, he prefers fresh Ice Cubes from an old fashioned metal ice cube tray.  Seriously!  After a   few times, he now asks for Ice (sits by the fridge and looks at the Ice compartment and meows when he sees us seeing him) and then sits there enjoying his Iced water for at least 15 minutes!

We limit this to twice a day.

Laugh at us as you will, but the sight of our cat so very happy enjoying life that it is worth all the trouble.
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