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How do you keep a cat from getting constipated?
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You might try cat lax every day, a small dose.
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I have tried cat lax but only the dosage allowed on the tube which is no more than 3 x a week but I could ask my vet if I could give him a small amount each day on his paw.
Thank you!
He had an enema Weds at the Vets and I picked him up on Thurs and this is Saturday and still hasnt gone. Maybe it will take another day but he is drinking  and eating!
If they recommend (whatever the full dose is) spread out to three times a week, it's hard to see what would be wrong with dividing that same amount into seven smaller doses and giving one a day. The reason they suggest dosing the way they do is to keep the cat from getting the runs, but this is not your kitty's problem. Hard poops followed by soft suggests that the Cat Lax had begun to work, and I sure wouldn't argue with success in this instance. Always ask the vet, of course.
Thank you!
Update (third day of your suggestion just half dose of cat lax daily, still hasnt gone! How long do you think it will take after having an emema last Weds to go normal in your opinion. I believe that like a person (in my opinion, if you have one too many ememas, then that muscle that is to push the BM out, will be lax and pushing, so I dont want to have to take him again and have it done over and over. I have 2 cats. M.C. & Hammer brothers. M.C. has always had a problem in this area but after the last enema pre last week, we started him on Royal Canin first response and he was going in long circular BM's or straight long ones. Nothing changed so I dont know why he is not going right or at all. He drinks plenty and eats plenty. Well hopefully today he will go. Any other suggestions are welcome but I will keep you up to date with the cat lax half dose daily! Thank you!
It might take a while, but it wouldn't hurt to just have him checked at the vet tomorrow if he hasn't pooped yet. Not for another enema but just to see if he has an obvious amount of stool in his colon or has none. (Enemas can clean you out so much that there's not a lot left to poop out, for at least a few days.)

If it turns out that the problem is that his lower intestine and colon won't contract very properly to move the food along, it's more likely to be because he was chronically blocked up, rather than the fault of the enema itself. The colon has to learn to contract again after being distended and full.

Have you given your cat a little oil? Not sure I'd rely only on the Royal Canin. Also, check your house for anywhere else he might have decided to poop. Since you're watching him so assiduously, he might have felt like the usual catbox is not a safe place any more. If you find he's decided on another place in the house, put a fresh box there for him. Also, cats often don't like to share their box with any other cat, even their brother, and they can sometimes change their opinion about this even after sharing the box for a long time. So, maybe try a clean new box for him in a more private spot, and see if that gets some interest.
I have tried the cat lax and talked to the VET and are now trying prescription Purina One Vet Diet OM and cat lax.
I have given him cat lax everyday since your response and all he is still doing is  round marble like BM's and this is now Sept 20 So almost a month and its not working either to the point of doing the regular log like BM. He is a Sr cat of 14 yrs but i hate to keep forcing enemas on him or he wont have the muscle to push out whatever himself. I also tried the Tomlyn Laxatone but it only came in maple. Cant find chicken anywhere! I am open to more suggestions if you have any more. I will take them!
He drinks lots of water because I think the food makes him want to but even with the food he had been on, Royal Canin
Sorry! I didnt see all that above you wrote  until just now! If he gets checked at the Vets, they will give him another enema! That is why I thought worth a try to do the cat lax and different food that is high fiber. I went every where in the house and there was nowhere I can find that he would go other than the floor next to the litter box. Does some in and some outside it. He is capable of going upstairs and could use any of three litter boxes I have but he always does it in my home office one. As I said he is going but just round marbles daily.!
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Like people, cats get constipated if they eat too much of the wrong thing. (For example, it's pretty common for a person to get constipated on the Atkins diet.) A perfectly balanced diet for a cat would be a mouse. They get the protein, the calcium, the contents of the mouse's stomach, etc. It's a mix well suited to what they need. So, what is your kitty eating?
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(Oh, and I'm not saying your cat should be out mousing or else he or she won't have a good diet. I was just saying there needs to be a proper mix, a lot of protein, certain nutrients, and some carbs.)
If your kitty doesn't improve with a specific diet geared to the needs of cats, try adding a little bit of sardine oil to his or her food every day. But talk to the vet, too, and be sure that what you are feeding is the best thing.
Yes I will have to ask if its okay because they are eating Royal Canin script food First Response!
Was doing fab on it and then after 3rd day gave CAT LAX on paw because wasnt going  and he licked it off and still didnt go then I gave it to  him again and still NO GO so I had to take him to get another enema ! I feel so bad for him! Such a good kitty but very inactive. Lap cat, sleeps with me and just the nicest kitty but Vet said there were marble BM,s and then all this soft came out. He is all pooped out literally. He is very tired today after being at the Vets overnight! My Poor little kitty!
M.C. & his brother Hammer eat exactly the same thing and as many changes that I have had to make in the food types, Hammer never has a problem, M.C. always does. They both eat the same and right now are eating Royal Canin First Response which after last VET enema he was BMing bracelet circles each time he went , not just logs like most cats. He just has an odd digestive system. He just had exploratory surgery because they saw the shadow area that once was there for years 9 of his 13 years of life had moved but when they got in there , all it was was a calcified deposit and was removed. However it had no baring on changing his bowel habits because it was just 2 months ago he had to have another emema and was on Hill's Script BIOME for digestive  and it is repetitive constipation . He goes great and there is no change in food and drinks lots of water and aced the blood work but he gets hardened bm marble like at the end of his anal area and laying behind is tons of soft regular BM. So I just dont know what causes it but it is repetitive and would love the hard marble like BM to stop so he could push but he has tried. I have watched him go from a distance and the tail just keeps pushing down and he jumps out and nothing. They said to keep him on RC and I  have cat lax and if he doesnt go one day, its going on the paw and hopefully when he licks it off, it will prevent the hard BM from forming so much it doesnt have time to block him up. I waited 3 days thinking he would be okay but he wasnt and miserable but he is a very very inactive lap cat like i said. His bro and he are like night and day. M.C. larger about 17.5 lbs and Hammer 14.5 lbs but he is really active and loves playing. But any suggestions I will love so thank you!

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